Speaking for the new members of bukkit due to recent events

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Creeoer, Sep 6, 2014.

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    No, none of you know me, and why should someone like me create a thread like this this? To try to represent your new member introduced to bukkit fairly recently (2 months). I want to tell you what is going on in the minds of all the people new to bukkit before the recent drama has happened. Firstly I want to say that this coming from a kid, 13 years to be exact; you'd expect someone like me to make a server like Awesome PvP 2000 mcmmo bla bla, but no, I believe that many kids don't bother with this (I'm not speaking for everyone) because they haven't had somone introduce them to it and walk them through all the mechanics step by step, if that was the case, maybe bukkit would have a lot more (younger ) contributors, instead of your average joe downloaiding another copy of mcmmo (again , not speaking for everyone, or hating on mcmmo for that matter). Now that we are through that, due to recent events, I am both let-down and disappointed. I wanted to see bukkit excel , and I didn't get that chance because well, at the time bukkit would've made it's debut.. I sadly would of been a mindless 10 year old and I didn't get that chance to see bukkit. I can't tell you how many times I wish I could just go into a time machine and watch bukkit from the start..and be part of that community you see today. Since things look like they're turning for the worst, it seems like I can no longer expierence that same communty you saw 3 years ago, due to this limitation I have, which is age. I think I could speak for, hopefully most, new members of bukkit in saying this, we wanted to continue to develop plugins, and really make our marks on the community, of course there's a difference between me and those people. They probally were introduced to it's existence, and they always had that chance to come on and make their mark, but in my case , it's the expeirence and matuiry, so I never really seemed to have that chance.

    Bottom Line (For those of you unwilling to read): We didn't get the chance to make our marks on the community, I feel left-down, since we were introduced to bukkit recently, and due to recent events, I don't think I can enjoy participating in bukkit anymore, knowing that it has a chance to be cancelled, due to the recent events.

    edit: Let me make this clear. I greatly GREATLY appreciate everyone on the bukkit team and all of their hundreds of hours they spetn developing this amazing mod, I understand all of their reasons for leaving and am not discrediting anyone of them or their work!
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    You have some good points.
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