Spawning Mushrooms? :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Codemunkie, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Hello there!

    Is there currently any way to spawn in the mushrooms with the red colours? I'm using CommandBook spawning 99 and 100, but it just comes out as one texture!

    Does anyone have any tricks on how to spawn in mushroom blocks with their proper colours?

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    Are you using a texture pack?
    Craftbukkit build?
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    Not using any texture pack, i'm running build #1131. The data values sheet i use from minecraft-wiki shows the mushroom values to be 99 and 100. Each side of the mushroom has its own value, so you have to use 100:5 similar to dye. It shows up as the right colours, red spots in my inventory but when i place it it goes to the default texture :(
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    From the Wiki: "Interestingly enough, the texture of huge mushrooms' caps depends on their position on it. For example, the corner block of a giant brown mushroom hat has 3 sides with the brown texture and 3 sides with the pore texture, while a block in the middle of the cap has only its top face covered with the brown texture, the others being the pore texture."

    So it looks like the colors of the shrooms are dependent on the placement. I tested it and even if you try to build your own it stays in the default pore texture. You can always grow them as close together as possible using bonemeal: "brown requires at least a 9x9x8 room and the red a 7x7x8" and maybe make the gaps where your windows, doors, and crafting blocks go.
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    That's a bit rubbish. I don't see why they'd not want to let people spawn in mushroom blocks, they're perrrrrdy.
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    Or u can use worldedit to do it

    1. use the replace tool /repl x
    2. select left click on the mushroom block
    3. replace other blocks
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