Solved Spawning in last location on world change. (MultiVerse)

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Blackhawk3356, Feb 13, 2014.

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    I know the title might sound confusing, but I'll break it down. Basically I have a server. I have it made so they spawn in the Hub/[World 1] every time they join. I want to make it so when they go to Factions/[World 2] they go back to where they left off. For example if someone is in the Factions world in their base, then they left. They would spawn in the hub. I want to make it so when they go back to that world they spawn in their base.

    I use SpawnJoin to make it so they spawn in hub when they join.

    I use CompassNavigation for them to get from world to world.

    I use MultiVerse-Core for going to world to world.

    If you need more info just ask me.

    I think this is in the right place because I'm not asking for a plugin request I simply want to know if there is a config for my already downloaded plugins OR if I need to download a plugin.

    Thank You for your time and PLEASE answer me!
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    You probably have to remove SpawnJoin for this to work.
    You can set the default spawn with Multiverse by setting this option in the config:
    firstspawnworld: Hub
    And if players log out and join again, they will spawn in the same place where they were before logging out.
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    I actually found out how to fix this myself. It took a lot of research, but I finally found it. In the MultiVerse Inventories config.yml file you have to make an optional called last_location

    # When set to true, optional shares WILL be utilized in cases where a group does not cover their uses for a world.
    # An example of this in action would be an ungrouped world using last_location. When this is true, players will return to their last location in that world.
    # When set to false, optional shares WILL NOt be utilized in these cases, effectively disabling it for ungrouped worlds.
    optionals_for_ungrouped_worlds: true
    # You must specify optional shares you wish to use here or they will be ignored.
    # The only built in optional share is "economy"
    - last_location

    This made it so every time you went to a world you returned to your last location. If it still doesn't work type this command - /mvinv toggle last_location.
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    you saved me :)
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    This was very helpful, thank you. Blackhawk3356 I still have on problem, though. It will sound confusing, but I'll try to explain it.
    On my server, I have the same set up that you have. SpawnJoin and Multiverse Core and Inventories. The problem is, when my users disconnect from the server, and they are not in the main spawn world, they spawn inside the portal to the world they were in when they connect back to my server.
    Kitekid99 enters the server. He spawns at the SpawnJoin spawn location that is set. He then goes into the portal to the creative world on the server. (The portal is a Multiverse Portals portal.) Kitekid99 plays around in creative, then he decides he wants to leave the server. He presses escape, and clicks disconnect. A few hours later he gets back on and joins the server again. But instead of joining at the SpawnJoin spawn location, he joins inside the portal that is used to get to the creative world. The portal doesn't teleport him, he is just floating inside of it. He then disconnects because he thinks it is a glitch. When he joins back in, he spawns at the SpawnJoin spawn location.
    Any ideas what could be the problem??
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    This is great, thanks so much. You have saved my server :D
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