SpawnGrad (Random spawn gradient)

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    I’m currently in a hurry so I will add more info later and if you need more information, please ask.

    Plugin category: Mechanics, Teleportation

    Minecraft version: 1.16.2

    Suggested name: SpawnGrad (Spawn Gradient)

    What I want: Inspired by this plugin: I would like the player to be able to spawn so that spawning within 1-10 blocks is the most common, 10-100 blocks is uncommon, and 100-1000+ blocks is rare and so on.

    It would be good for survival servers where you want players to spawn in one area, but if they are being spawn killed, they will eventually spawn farther away.

    There should be a max-spawn-radius option (circular spawns) that limits how far out the player can spawn. I’m no programmer, but the spawning formula would look something like this:

    x=spawn radius, can have decimals
    y=distance from the spawn’s center
    y=x/(rand(x-1)+1), can have decimals
    z could equal the angle of the coordinates (90 degrees, etc.)
    then the plugin rounds the coordinates to the closest block integer (So the player spawns at xx.500 instead of say xx.793)

    Like the inspired plugin, Random Spawn, it would be nice to add other configurations like blacklisted blocks you can’t spawn on, (so you don’t random spawn in lava or fire) or have blacklisted blocks toggleable so vanilla Minecraft can do it itself, invincibility time after respawning, and whether or not you spawn randomly on first join, with beds, or at all.

    Bonus if an option can be added so each time the player spawns, they can face either 0 90 180 or 270 degrees.

    Ideas for commands: /sg reload, /sg radius <number>, /sg setspawn <> [x, z], /sg firstjoin, respawn, and usebeds (toggles features), /sg spawn (respawns you)

    Ideas for permissions: sg.immune (not affected by automatic respawning), sg.spawn (use /spawn), sg.admin (use commands)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you can get it done, should only take a few days or a week I think.
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    Not sure why would you need it,usually its a rule for survival servers to have a protected spawn(basically where they keep crates,shops,or other stuff)

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