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    So, I am trying to get my server shop to sell different types of monster spawners. I am using the essentials shop and I can't seem to sell different types. Only pig spawners. I need a plugin to both let me sell different spawners and to be able to pick up spawners with a non silk touch pickaxe when a player has a certain permission node. Thanks.
  2. Is it that you can't sell the different types or that they change to a pig spawner when you place them? This is a common issue that the item the player receives has the correct data (eg. skeleton spawner) but resets to a standard pig spawner when placed on the ground. You'll need a plugin that can identify the item you've bought via the Essentials shop before you place it. OtherDrops can do this if you hold the item in your hand and type "/od id" it'll tell the block and data information.

    Perhaps try SilkSpawners? I believe it can correctly place the spawner.

    OtherDrops can also be used in conjunction with Essentials to set the spawner to the correct value when placed - it's a bit trickier to set up though, msg me if you need to use this method.
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    Zarius I would like to use OtherDrops but I don't understand how to configure it to drop spawners. If you could help me that would be great!
  4. An example would be:

    2. # this section sets it up so when you right click on "any block"
    3. # whilst holding a "[email protected]" (skeleton spawner)
    4. # it'll run the Essentials command to change the spawner to
    5. # the correct type.  The "delay 1" is required because you need
    6. # to give the spawner time to be placed.
    7.  ANY_BLOCK:
    8.     - action: RIGHT_CLICK
    9.       tool: MOB_SPAWNER@SKELETON
    10.       commands: /!*spawner skeleton
    11.       delay: 1
    12.       permissions: place
    14.     - action: RIGHT_CLICK
    15.       tool: MOB_SPAWNER@ZOMBIE
    16.       commands: /!*spawner zombie
    17.       delay: 1
    18.       permissions: place
    19. #  - etc....
    22. # this section allows broken mobspawners to drop the correct type
    23.  MOBSPAWNER:
    24.     - drop: MOBSPAWNER@THIS
    edit: you should be able to use [email protected] rather than the id (51).
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    Zarius How do I hold a skeleton spawner then. I used your example but it still puts down a pig. Is it because I am already holding a pig spawner?
  6. Possibly, yes. Try the command /odd [email protected] that should give you a skeleton spawner ( well drop it where you're looking).

    Make sure you using a recent beta version as the odd command is not in OtherDrops 2.7.1.
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    Zarius Hey, I am trying out Silk Spawners and it works great. However, there is one problem. The spawner name in yellow only appears after you place the block and then pick it back up. Could it be another plugin interfering?
  8. Haven't actually used SilkSpawners myself (just know of it and a general idea of what it does) - you might need to check with them on their BukkitDev project page.

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