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  1. Plugin category: Admin-Tools, Fun

    Suggested name: SpawnerGiver

    What I want: If you use /spawner list you can see all spawners (so many as possible) and a command. The command is /spawner (Mobtype) and if you use the command it will give you the spawner and it tells you this: &bYou were given a {Mobtype} spawner!. If you don't got permission it will tell you: &cYou don't got permission. You can also give someone a spawner with the command: /spawner give {Playername} {Mobtype}

    Ideas for commands:
    /spawner (Shows all commands)
    /spawner list (List all available spawners)
    /spawner {Mobtype} (Gives you a mobspawner)
    /spawner give {Playername} {Mobtype}

    Ideas for permissions:
    Spawner.admin (Gives you permission for all commands)
    Spawner.list (Gives you permission to list all available spawners)
    Spawners.spawn (Let you spawn a mob-spawner)
    Spawners.give (Let you give a spawner)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you finish it

    If you need more information, tell it me.
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