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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by oLLyyy, Dec 2, 2014.

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    I have checked some other plugins that do this, however they haven't been updated for a while.

    As 1.8 contains new mobs, this would be essential, as the other plugin don't have the 1.8 features.

    The plugin will open a GUI upon right-clicking a spawner if the player has the correct permission. The GUI offers you the ability to change the spawner type just by clicking on one of the spawner eggs.



    • Right clicking a spawner will open a clean GUI.
    • Sneaking will prevent the GUI from opening. (Reversible)
    • Uses the default Minecraft click sound when selecting an option.
    • Permissions & (optional) economy support.
    • WorldGuard support.
    • Comes with a simple and easy configuration file.

    Description Will open the GUI upon right clicking a spawner.
    spawnergui.edit.<mob name> Allows you to change the spawned type to what specified.
    spawnergui.edit.* Allows you to change the spawned type to any type.<mob name> Bypass the costs for the specified type.* Bypass the costs for all types.
    spawnergui.command.reload Access to the /spawnergui command.

    I'm looking for someone to continue this plugin, or create their own version.

    Please message or comment below if you want to progress with this idea.

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