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    We all know the dilemma of faction spawns. They all have drop off spawns in order to prevent people from running into the spawn for protection in the middle of a fight. I HAVE AN ANSWER.

    Summary: Simple combat system where if a player walks out of a region spawn protection is disabled for the player. Even when they walk back into the region players can still be hit. The only way to regain protection is to do /spawn and be warped to the spawn by the essentials plugin. There are several contingencies.

    If a player has lost spawn protection and another player WITHIN the zone tries to hit him, it eliminates the attacking player's spawn protection and they can P.v.P. within the zone.

    Also, If two players have spawn protection, and on tries to hit one with spawn protection, than a message will appear saying "This player has spawn protection". If the other player hits him back, then spawn protection if eliminated for both players. The only way someone can attack someone else with spawn protection, is if that specific player hits back.

    Any time a spawn protection is taken away from a player, a message should appear to that player only saying "You no longer have spawn protection!"

    I would like to use commands:
    /Create pvpzone
    I would also like to define the region with world-edit or another region selector.

    Also, If interested, I have other plugins that need work :D
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    I have another idea. How about i make it something that was referenced to this
    onp(protected player); offp(NonProtected Player)

    onp hits offp , onp will disable protection and will still not be able to attach offp unless offp attacks once was onp or another onp
    offp hits onp nothing happens
    onp hits onp - player that hits onp will lost protection

    offp do /spawn or /warp spawn and in the coordinates of the spawn point then he will be a onp
    onp do /spawn or /warp spawn nothing happens

    onp tags (p)<playerName>
    offp tags (u)<playerName>

    i kindof made this short because ive made a paragraph and it was long, so i made it short using whats above. if you dont understand i could edit this and turn it into a paragraph. But mainly from you reference, remove the region thing and just have a event get x, y, z of the player & equals to spawn will be protected
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    This sounds good. I like it, but one thing I absolutely have to have is when they pass defined line(s) it will take away their protection. If you PM me your Skype I can show you the server layout and you will see it more clearly :D
    Also, whenever they successfull warp somewhere it should take away protection, but only if they actually warp. If they do the command and then it cancels (we will just say they moved, before the timer timed down, so it canceled) they should still have spawn protection.

    Let me know if you are interested :D
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    Ausbuild Since bukkit isnt allowed for us to share skype information, please provide examples on this post.
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    So when they
    So when the cross the wool they would lose their power. Can I Pm you the ip to the server, so I can show you?

    Here are the pictures

    2014-06-02_18.34.16.png 2014-06-02_18.34.01.png 2014-06-02_18.34.11.png

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    You still Interested?

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