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    First, Let me give two examples of what the plugin is...

    <Removed advertising - Necrodoom> - Punch a player, and they turn into a squid, make a hissing noise, shows fire particles, and then they fly up and explode.

    <Removed advertising - Necrodoom> - If you punch a player in spawn it plays a pop sound and then the player emits particles(hearts and colors)and then disappears.

    These plugins make the people you punch invisible until YOU reload, they reload, you teleport, they teleport, or when they leave a certain region. This is basically a cosmetic plugin to give people sitting in spawn something to do...

    Where can I find something like this?
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    Moved to correct section, being a custom plugin request.
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    Wasn't a request, I was more asking if anyone knew some...

    I guess it's a request...but no one has to necessarily make it, unless they want to :D
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Posting it in the plugin request section also means that other people will search for you
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    I see now :D Now just to wait for people to reply >.>
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    Still nothing???

    What are the rules about Bumping BTW?
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    Once every 24 hours I think
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    You know any spawn pop plugins xD hehehe

    Ok, I friggin put the IP there so that developers could understand what it does...I mean...seriously???

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    IP is removed by necrodoom... And this is also considered a bump...
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    I know, but I don't see why. I wasn't trying to get players on there, those servers don't need players...I was simply giving developers an example :L
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    Oh, yup. Forgot to tell you that! The permission is "popplayers.use"..
    I made this plugin a while ago, so sorry about that.
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    Let me try that!

    I hate to tell you this :L still doesn't work :(
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    I just tested it out myself, and it seems to be working fine o_o. Any errors in console?
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    None. I even enabled PvP.

    I tried making them not invincible and allowing pvp, and it still didn't work :( wanna hop on and try?

    You will need to PM your name, and I will give the server address.

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