Spawn mobs upon nightfall

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    Hey, I could make something like this myself, but I have a lot going on in trying to set up a prison server. I want a unique experience, and that requires some plugins that as of yet, don't exist. So here's what I need:

    At 15000 ticks, or 9 PM, I need a broadcastMessage saying night has begun. Here's the code, so you don't have to:
    1. Bukkit.getServer().broadcastMessage(ChatColor.DARK_RED + "Night has fallen, and the monsters come out...");

    Also upon that event, I'll need mobs to spawn at locations that I can set, preferably with the command /nightmobs setspawn <name>. Of course these needs its opposite, ...delspawn <name>. The mobs that spawn can be configurable if you so wish, but it isn't necessary. Every spawnpoint needs to spawn a total of 10 mobs: 5 zombie pigmen, 3 blazes, and 2 ghasts. That's really all that I need. If someone could make it, that would be wonderful.
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    Hey, one day bump. This is pretty necessary for my server...
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    I can do it, it should be up soon
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    Ok thank you a lot!
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    You're welcome. Here's the link:
    The commands are:
    /nightfall - displays help
    /nightfall set <name> - sets a spawn point
    /nightfall del <name> - deletes a spawn point
    /nightfall list - lists spawn points
    (you can use /nf instead of /nightfall)

    Config file:
    There's only one setting, and that is "world". The world should be automatically detected for you, but it may not be if your server uses multiple worlds. If you need to, change it to the name of the world you want to use this plugin on.

    Data file:
    You probably shouldn't go in there

    If you have any questions, I'll try to respond as soon as possible.
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    Ok thank you a lot! Just wondering, how long before night does it display the warning? Or is it right at night? Either I guess is fine though :)
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    The warning should display at 15000 ticks, or 9 PM. Isn't that what you wanted?

    I updated the plugin: 1.1.jar
    Changes: Configurable time (you can set when the event happens), Fixed an error message on first time startup, Fixed an error message on deleting the Night_Fall folder, Added a changelog
    Also, I just learned that doing /set time 15000 only sets the event off half of the time. This is due to me trying to reduce lag. To avoid this, do something like /set time 14900 or let the time change naturally.

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