Spawn chests at specified x,y,z coords with specified loot tables

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    I'm basically looking for a recreation of what MineZ uses for their chests. Chests will respawn on a given interval (something that can be specified in a config and be specified per chest) with loot from a loot table. Ideally items could not only have specified enchants, but all sorts of NBT data (colored name, description, etc), and a chance to spawn based on the config file. Chests would also respawn only provided there is nobody nearby in a given radius (also toggleable in a config on per-chest basis) to prevent loot camping.

    These chests would automatically break one minute after they are opened, they would not drop a chest if broken, and they instantly break if someone left clicks on them.

    Example usage:

    - I want a tower with some thug NPCs, and at the top, a chest with some iron armor, and maybe a 1% chance to spawn a rare (blue special named enchanted item), but only spawn if no players are within ~30 blocks.
    - I want a chest at the end of a dungeon to spawn similar rare gear as mentioned above, but on a 3 hour cooldown, and spawn whether or not there are players nearby.

    I see lots of plugins like this (PhatLoots, ChestRegen, DiabloDrops), but mots of these are either not updated in a while, missing some of the core features, or simply lacking any amount of customization.

    Bump! I think this should be pretty simple to make, anyone want to take this on?

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    Do do times, use cron.

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