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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by elysianhero, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Hi, I've looked around, but I couldn't find a plugin that could do what I was looking for.

    Is there a plugin that can make a player become the spawn point?
    Is this even possible?
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    It's possible, but there is no plugin that does that, to my knowledge.
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    Not sure why you would want it.
    What if that player is not online?
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    Then it would default to a spawn location ofcourse.

    And I'm not the one requesting this, I'm justing helping the guy who started this thread and apparently wants it.
    If such a thing would be programmed, the most logical thing would be to include it in some all-round spawn plugin.

    I can imagine group-specific spawn-to-player, for a nomadic faction server.
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    Yeah, you got it! Basically, I wanted to be able to designate a party leader for adventures. Sometimes my friends and I will travel out far, especially in the Nether, and it's a real buzz-kill to have to either call it quits, or journey all the way back upon death. I admin the server we play on, it's super casual, but I'll install Bukkit features if people request it, and we generally "play by the rules" of minecraft. This time, they want to allow the use of /tp, which I feel is a game breaker. But, a compromise I thought of was having a party leader that the players spawn to. If he/she dies, they respawn at the spawn point. If that player is offline, the other players spawn at their spawn point.

    I figure this makes it so that there's still consequence in death, so it's not just a free-for-all deathfest, if you will. But instead, the players worry less about dying and lag, and more about keeping the leader alive!

    To be honest, it's probably a complicated solution. Perhaps I should look for a fairly immersive teleport plugin that can be set to teleport to a specific player. I guess I just didn't want the system abused, but then again, /kill would become the new teleport (without items though!). I guess I'd prefer that over just teleporting anywhere a leader is.

    Any advice? I'm stuck when it comes to ideas :/

    Thanks guys! :D
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