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    Hi, I am developing a plugin called 'Spamcraft' the Github can be found at:

    I currently have IP Filtering finished, I am working on Hostname filtering, and mass messages filter.
    I plan on releasing this either today, or tomorrow.

    It will filter all IP addresses, and host-names, this is to prevent advertising spam.
    The massmessages for example is if a user and a couple other users send for example : "SPAM" within a certain amount of time, then it mutes them, and does not send those messages.

    Tell me what you guys think.
  2. bf2sniper2
    Not to be rude and all,
    but whats the point? There are tons of plugins that do this already. For example, MCBans will not even allow a spammer(and hackers) on your server. Hook up MCBans with STAB(Stop Talking Auto Ban) and your set.
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