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    Plugin Category: World Generation

    Suggested Name: It's hard to get creative with something like this. I don't really care- it's up to whoever decides to develop this.

    What I want: Get ready; I get specific.

    I am basically looking for a world generator that can create a kind of space theme. Basically, it creates differently sized and composed planets all around, the average size of which can be chosen by the person utilizing the plugin. For example, they can choose an average planet radius of 50, but planets would vary between 40 and 60 meters radius. As one travels farther and farther away from the original spawn point, the ores found in the planets become more valuable. For example, a planet 100 blocks away contains coal and a tiny bit of iron, but a planet 5000 blocks away contain gold, lapis, and diamond deep inside with iron on the surface. The propensity for ores to be found should also be determined through some sort of scale so server owners can customize it at will. Also, the more valuable of the ores should be found deeper in the planet.

    I also would like it if space were to suffocate the player like drowning unless they are in a building sealed with at least an iron door (not an original idea- saw another space plugin think of that and I thought it was a great idea), and/or have an iron helmet (or some other item(s) customized by the server owner).

    This plugin needs to have multiverse support. If it can't have that, forget it.

    Finally, I don't know about this one, but if anyone COULD do this that'd be awesome, but not required, if someone could make it so that in space your jump is affected. I read somewhere that this is impossible, but I don't see why it would be.

    Commands/Permissions: I don't know. It's a world generator plugin. How many commands could there possibly be?

    When I'd like it by: One week! Joking. I was hoping for the end of December, but if that is too unrealistic, maybe January. I prefer quality over quantity, so all I'd ask is that the person who wants to make this keep in touch with me via PM or something and we can collaborate a bit every so often.

    I hope this is acceptable by bukkit's standards. I tried to read the template provided, and I hope someone can do this plugin. I am frustrated by the lack of space themed generators, and the ones that do exist are outdated or aren't what I'm looking for.
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    bSpace? VoxelSpace?
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    bspace requires spout for a lot of things and I have never seen VoxelSpace on my search.
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    A good way to start off is "Void Generator" that will give you just empty chunks
    then i use worldedit "//sphere radius" to make planets.
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    True, but then I would have to do that about 50 times to create planets, not to mention there would be no ores anywhere.
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    1) there are many ways you can randomly distribute ores with worldedit and other gens
    2) bspace DOES NOT require spout anymore so that's probably your best bet
    3) Risugami has a mod that creates a sort of space map that gets filled with biomed bubbles of glass (you can use this in multiplayer by generating a map in single player b4 moving it to your bukkit server

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