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    Category: World generation/fun
    Name: SpaceBukkit
    What it does:
    This plugin, first of all will generate a space world. The space world's name should be configurable in the config, deafult is "spaceworld". Keeping the default world name, I use world portal to generate the world "spaceworld". However, instead of generating a normal world, this plugin will generate the world instead of world portal, and make the world filled with planets. Picture coming in next post :D

    Planets should have different sizes. Suns can be huge glass spheres with lava inside, and moons can be small glass spheres with end stone inside. In spaceworld, time is frozen at midnight. Also, to get around players should be able to claim/modify mini shaceships and fly around in them. Similar to autocraft, but with no weapons, and ships can to forward, up, down, turn right, turn left. When players first enter spaceworld, they should be able to do /sb planet, and be teleported to their claimed planet, with their spaceship docked with the iron ring. Players should be able to modify the basic ship that they claimed, make it bigger, add things, etc. Wen the player enters the ship and does /sb deaprt, the ship is instantly undocked (front facing away from the planet). Then, the player is free to pilot the ship autocraft-style. When the ship is within 3 blocks of a dock, it will automatically dock. Ships can not dock at occupied docks, players can not pilot other player's ships, nor build on their planets. When a player joins spaceworld for the first time, they will be given a ship and a unoccupied planet.
    commands: /sb planet - Teleports you and your ship to your planet.
    /sb depart - If you are in your ship, ship undocks and you depart.
    /sb modifyship - If you are at your planet, you can modify your ship, any blocks placed after this command are considered part of the ship.
    /sb saveship - Saves your ship, blocks placed no longer part of ship.
    /sb undo - undo all ship changes since /sb modifyship, blocks placed no longer part of ship.
    permissions: sb.homeplanet

    I can't post pictures... Ill figure out a way tho:)
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    You could Always try MultiVerse with NullTerrain, then use WorldEdit/VoxelSniper to make large spheres everywhere.
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    What about the spaceship and always night part?


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    Well, It does not have the spaceship and planet claiming part...
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    Well maybe you could usr other plugins to do that maybe factions then use a command changer to the commands to somthing that rrlates to ur idea, also you could get schematics and just place them in ur map!
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    Well, factions is already in use for other things, and I want the planet claiming to be like plotme, and what about the spaceship part???
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    Spaceships: MoveCraft 2 - will soon be released and has an API where you can make your spaceships.
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    When will it be released?

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