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    Minecraft version: 1.8
    Suggested name: Soulbound

    What I want: Hey!
    I am in need of a plugin that adds a lore to items with a command and this lore makes it so only people from a specific group can use these items. (lore: &cSoulbound)

    Other people that aren't in the same group can still pick up the items but when they try to equip armor, use a sword/bow or axe it says "&cOnly (groupname) players can use this item" I would like items with soulbound to a kit so when people use the kit it still has the soulbound on those items. People can still drop soulbounded items.

    I use GroupManager for groups.

    Ideas for commands:
    /soulbound (groupname)
    /soulbound remove
    /souldbound reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    soulbound.use.(groupname) -> to use the items soulbounded to your group
    soulbound.* -> to reload plugin, add soulbound to items, remove soulbound from items

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you have time
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  3. @KerchooK
    No, not to 1 player. But to a groupmanager group
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    the /soulbound commands work on the item that is in the user's hand?
  5. Yes, and if I create a kit with soulbounded items when people use the kit the soulbound is still on the items
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