Sorry, I just hate bukkit dev

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    Don't fix something that isn't broken...
    Bukkit is/was working fine as it is;

    Yeah plugins may be easier to manage in certain areas such as the Download Count on the files and I also like the layout of the plain plugin list... but everything else seems like it was designed well, but not thought through and therefore is very hard to get the hang of.
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    It really feels like a severely crippled IP.Downloads.

    In fact, I almost feel they used the source code of an older version. Check it out:
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    People always seem to make this argument, but it's a terrible argument. First, innovation and invention come from people deciding that something could be better, even if it isn't necessarily broken. If we didn't have people innovating, society would get nowhere. Just because it isn't broken doesn't mean it can't be improved. Second, the old system was broken. Perhaps for small plugins a simple forum thread was enough. But for any large plugin, it was extremely frustrating trying to handle all plugin stuff in one (long) thread. This is why many plugins were already using external ticket systems, wikis, forums, etc.
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    BukkitDev looks nice, but the forums feel more social to me.
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    I can't see what is so hard about using bukkitdev. Sure, browsing for plugins is not really pleasant experience, but you can browse through and once you get to plugin page, you are all set. There is big fat download button on the right and links to everything else should be in plugin's description

    Big tip for page editing: Don't even bother with BBCode, HTML and everything else, but rather switch to WikiCreole. You will need to reformat your pages, but it's worth it since WikiCreole have a lot more tags than others, which have implemented only few basics on BukkitDev.
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    Haha... You forgot to read the help page for the editor/formatting.
    Protip: The BBCode implemented in the editor is just a psuedo BBCode implementation, and just adds ontop of WikiCreole, so if you select BBCode you get to write both BBCode AND WikiCreole in the some post. Getting best of both worlds, and getting rid of the annoying // needed for every linebreak.
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    Lunar Delta

    BukkitDev kind of sucks a lot, and I think the administration are being extremely arrogant, unwise, and uncaring forcing it on us when it is clear the vast majority of people do not like or want it. Newsflash people, this is not how you properly administrate. The "brute force" method will only backfire on you in the long run and creates a lot of bad feeling and discontent in the meantime. Either they are so utterly blind they can't see this, or just don't care. I am leaning toward the latter, especially after EvilSeph's most recent post about the issue, complete with oily-slick politician talk and thinly veiled "you will take this and like it" attitude. (Conveniently made into a no-reply sticky too, so he won't have to hear any proles giving him grief about the new system).
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    Who do you think are, talking like this here. Now kneel and accept your fate. You don't know how to administrate a project like this because you are just a nobody. If you don't like it, create your own minecraft server mod, and community and get out of here.
    (NB: For the weak hearted, sarcasm my be included)

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I do however think BukkitDev could be good but it needs MAJOR work before it can be anywhere near practical. I am more convinced that it's not because they are blind or don't care but more of a case of "I pwn this, and I know whats best" situation we've got going here.
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    Personally I think Bukkit figured we're not going anywhere ;)
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    Might be. They know we don't have anywhere else to go to get our minecraft fix. ;)
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    Yeah, I really hate bukkitdev. Mainly because our pages aren't as customizable anymore.
    It seems blocky and boring *pun intended*
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    Matt Gill

    I like the idea, but I needs a lot of work before it is the main place to get plugins. The comment section is horrible.
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    Yeah I dont like bukkit dev. Complaining doesnt get me anywhere however.... They arent going to drop bukkit dev.
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    I believe my plugin is getting a lot less attention when it's just in BukkitDev instead of plugin submission. Please do something for that.
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    I don't like bukkit dev because it has a too small font.
    and nobody will ever find my plugin because it will never be on the top of the page again :(
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    If this was YouTube, there would be stupid comments with explanations about what is wrong with 24 people. ^^
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    Don Redhorse

    I believe my plugin is getting a lot less attention when it is just in BukkitDev AND PluginSubmissions instead of BukkitDev AND PluginReleases... that it what they should fix..

    and that is what @EvilSeph promised in his last post.
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    I personally prefer the PBO and how it feels - linking directly to the forum view - rather than having DBO with its own set of forums - just seems to structured.

    However, I've been backing this team since hMod and will continue to do so.
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    I think that is an underestimated aspect of this issue, and it's one that's been bugging me from the start. On the dev site, it's like every plugin is held hostage inside some cage and if you want to discuss one you get trapped inside a horrible, tiny box with limited options (talking about the comments section there).

    I'm not sure you understand what a legal contract is or why people bound by one cannot act any other way (or talk about it much). And if you think you can get into bed with the web-ad slinger Curse without a contract then I'm not sure you even understand what that "company" is :p
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    I feel the same way- I've never been on BukkitDev for more than a few minutes at a time. It's lonely there.
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