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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rudolf323, Aug 24, 2012.

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    What does it have to do with chunk loading ?
    And I have bought the game Im just hosting cracked server

    Do I have to prove you that I have a premium account ?
    You can give me your premium server IP and I will be there!
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    I have exactly the same problem which was explained in that topic but unfortunately its locked.
    If noone wants to help in this issue, you could have just said that you don't want to help or you are just too busy/lazy to look into the problem, rather than just locking topic and made up some ridiculous reason for it. This problem can happen to anyone not just offline servers. Anyone who bought this game can play in offline server and if someone who hasn't bought the game tries out it in the offline server, there's bigger chance he will buy it. So theres no reason why not to support offline servers.
    If this topic gets locked , it will only show how disgusting attitude we get from bukkit support and it will be my last straw to ditch this software and move on to something else.
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    Bukkit will not support the use of piracy & cracked servers. Your last topic was locked for this reason.
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    You will get no support for offline mode servers here, not sure what is so hard to understand.

    Buy the game. Get you friends to buy the game. If you bought the game, you should have no problem running online-mode=true.

    Also, locking this thread as well. This isn't up for debate.
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