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    Crates Plugin
    Suggested name: SomeCrates
    Why I'd like this: Benefit the whole community, Including Factions & Prison, I've seen many people asking for this.. But I've not seen a plugin that has been uploaded and has been easy to configure. I'm hoping for a plugin that people have Tripwire hooks that open crates that are on the floor. I've tried previous plugins but they all seem pretty complex.

    This plugin will need to include:
    • /crate reload [Reloads config]
    • A Config [Configurable: Rewards/CrateName/KeyName]
    • /crate give {username} {CrateName} {amount} [So that the staff can place these crates down.]
    • /crate give key {username} {KeyName} {amount} [Gives a player a key]
    • somecrates.reload
    • somecrates.crate.give
    • somecrates.key.give

    If there is any detail missing, Just ask! @createelid
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    Can you define easy to configure?
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    Dinosaurs, I mean like the essentials kit loadout so like


    - diamondhelmet 1 protection:1
    And then after that bit ^ It could have a chance out of 10 so like 3/10
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