some hacking restriction'?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by darkwarriors, May 11, 2011.

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    my palyer found this and more guides that explain how to use cheat engine and hacking

    i dont known how foolish is the admin of wiki.. he posted that hack in main wiki..

    some developer can found a way to stop use cheatengine? or some like that?
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    The best way would be for notch to scan cheatengine process and crash minecraft if cheatengine ever attaches itself, but another solution would be to have plugins on your server that limit speed and etc..
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    the problem is not the speed.. but health unbreakable item and onekill weapons.. this is undetectable offline for me..
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    /ban normally does the trick.. you should be able to tell if someone is one-hitting all your players :<
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    yes if iam online.. but if admins arent online? how can i inspect and detect that usses?
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    Notch had better have a plan for minecraft security because nothing ruins a good time like a bunch of immature cheaters.
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    maybe can be insert in bukkit version a check for cheatengine process load when is load minecraft?
    or slave process like gameprotection that check and debug the memory?
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    Daniel Heppner

    With server side inventory, much of this is impossible. Like one hit kills and invicible tools.
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    i banned some players for one hit kill.. but i dont knwon what cheat they used, maybe some like admin pickaxe!
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    Daniel Heppner

    What version of Minecraft was this? Health is managed server side, so they must have gained access to your server's inner-workings some how. Are you sure it wasn't just a few hits with a diamond sword?
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