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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Skionz, Dec 14, 2014.

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    I would like to add some big, bold, and noticeable text here:
    You should move the text editor down and add the text where the title editor currently is. I only want this on the 'Plugin Development' section.

    What should the text say?
    It should tell the user who is posting to make sure to post the entire class pertaining to the issue, and the entire stack-trace if it is not a logic error. It should also reassure them that nobody will steal code that doesn't work.

    Currently, most people who have issues with their plugins are not posting enough information resulting in 30 minutes of people telling them to post the stack-trace, them posting the wrong half of the stack-trace, people telling them to post the entire class, them posting the wrong method, etc.

    What should the text look like?
    Big, noticeable, bold, colorful, and maybe blinking.
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  2. @Skionz Make it too noticeable, and it will be ugly. Some will even intentionally ignore it when it is so. I often find myself scrolling right past it when websites have big, bold, red "WARNING!" messages ;)
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    Blinking? Really?

    *I think I could get a point putting a blinking .gif on here, but imagine a blinking text.. Ads are already enough .-.
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    I will be doing some work on the dev sections starting sometime after this weekend, but it probably wont be implemented till after new year. This is also one type of issue I will be addressing.
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