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    hi there :)
    at the moment, my team is building our server world. It will be an adventure RPG World.
    But Minecraft needs some more features to fit our world-gameplay, so we need them as mods.
    We are always using the latest craftbukkit and spoutcraft.
    As money mod, we are using iconomy.
    So here is the list of mods we are needing:
    Item and money Doors (open)

    Like the name said..
    We need a way to make doors only passable by holding a specific item in the inventory.
    The door should open by itself, and close when you get more than 1 field away.
    Same with a specific amount of money.
    We thought about a sign way like:
    Putting such a sign above a door
    item: name
    money: amount
    we need this to keep players out of a region or away from warps, if they are not holding a item they gain in a dungeon (or if they haven't enough money).
    if an item is needed, the player is not losing it by passing the door.
    But money will be taken!

    The antideath (open)

    This mod means not to make a player being Imortal.
    It's meant to be as a rewrite of what happens when you die.
    Actually, you are losing all of your items. But that would kill our gameplay. We need minecraft to let some items stay in the players inventory and equipment, as long as a specific item is stored in the inventory.
    We need two exception modes here.
    1 for what items stay in the players inv, when the item is stacked into it. And 1 what items stay, if not!
    We thought here about a config file.
    This could be structured like this:
    The idea behind it is, to let the player his sword, armor and special items - But give those items some damage!
    And everytime you die, the live_item amount in your inventory will be decreased by 1.
    When you don't own any live_items, the second exception is active. This could be used to let special world items and maps stay..etc
    OPTIONAL - it would be great if the items, that will get lost, are getting completely destroyed - so nobody can recollect them.

    The repair station (open)

    Equipment and Tools will get damage.
    So a repair system woul be great.
    We (again) thought of a sign system.
    If you rightclick a block that has a sign with this assigned to it:
    [money taken]
    All Head placed items in the equipment AND the inventory get repaired.
    So, if you take 4 helmets with you, and 3 are damaged - 450 money is taken and all are repaired. if you just got 166 money, just the first one (the equipped) is repaired.
    again, a config file would be great.
    something like:
    this would help us creating our own types (with german names..etc), and attach the type items to it :)

    the item recounter (open)

    our idea how to use that:
    marking a region with worldedit (pos1/2 or the wand tool).
    type into the chat:
    when the player hits the region, there are 3 options now:
    1. he don't own the item:
    >> The item is given to the player in the specified amount
    2. he owns the item, but in a less count than the amount:
    >> the inventory item gets count up to the specified amount
    3. he owns the item, but more than specified:
    >> the item amount will be decreased to the specified amount
    we need this to give the player a specific amount of an item, and keep safe that he don't gets more, farms more or crafts more than we want!
    If the specified amount is 0, the player will lose all items of this kind.
    ideas for codes:

    Mob Health Editor (open)

    Another thing we need.
    Marking a region with worldedit, and typing in the chat:
    to adjust the health of the specified mob inside the region.
    OPTIONAL - a way to set a mob as Boss. With the Boss Health Bar (lile the enderdragon)

    i hope they are all, or partly, possible :)
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    is there really nobody who can help me?
    I don't want one guy to make them all! If someone makes me one, and a second one makes another one..etc, ir would be great.
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    Many of these features seem within the scope of things I've done, and those that arent are close enough for me to figure out. I'd like to try your server before I determine the best way to design them so they fit them into your theme. As for the repair, I recommend mcmmo. It is very popular and may fit nicely.
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    For request #1 you could use Turnstiles. Its what I use for my RPG server and it works great :)
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    Most of your request can be accomplished with existing plugins and/or the use of VariableTriggers.
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    All Hail Lex Laiden, his plugin can do most of your requests + make you a cup of tea.

    For No item drops or Keeping stuff at death try (TOMBSTONE)
    For mob customization per area use (MOBS)
    or you can use CITIZENS2 + SENTRIES to make hostile npcs that die correctly when killed (they can have cooler weapons to like Fire/lightning/ice wands/ Throw any potions (as a weapon) / shoot bows
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    Tombstone is not what i'm looking for, cause i need my 2 requested death options, the 1-up Item and a config file to store all item ids that will not be destroyed on death.

    I'll take a look at Mobs today, perhaps this helps me a bit out. I use Citizens2, but it is not really useful for my plans :)

    I searched through all plugins that are in those categories i need, but i couldn't find something that works as i want.. The baddest thing are the item-doors, and the death system.

    What are variableTriggers?
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    VariableTriggers is a plugin that lets you create your own plugin type features. You can create Click Triggers, Walk Triggers, Area Triggers, Command Triggers and Event Triggers that are triggerd by players and then execute lines of script that can do almost any thing. You could Create a PlayrDeath event trigger and do stuff when a player dies, Like get the location where he died or get the player that killed him or all kinde of other stuff.

    It gives you control over your server without the need to know any Java or have to compile a new plugin.
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