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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: Oh, I have no idea :D I'm not that creative

    What I want: A very simple teleportation gates plugin, that just allows a user to step on a block, and take them to another block. What i don't want, is a whole portal system, or cool looking contraptions. All the have to do is step on a block and it whisks them away, Almost exactly like XCraft gate (No longer being supported). And it should be on-the-spot block, not a set defined block that just spawns under you or something :)

    (Multiworld support is a must :D)

    Ideas for commands: Something like /gate create <name> (Creates a gate
    /gate remove <name> (removes a gate)
    /gate loop <NameA> <NameB> (loops a gate. A goes to B, B goes to A)
    /gate link <Name A> <NameB> (Links a gate. A goes to B, B doesn't go to A{One Way kinda thing})
    Ideas for permissions: gate.use (Lets someone use a gate)
    gate.create (Lets someone create a gate)
    gate.remove (Lets someone remove a gate)
    gate.link (Lets someone link a gate)
    gate.loop (Lets someone loop a gate)
    gate.* (All of the above)

    When I'd like it by: Take your time :)

    Similar plugin requests: None(?) (I didn't search that far. Only a few days)


    Make an updated, cleaner version of XCraft Gate.
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    You should realy check out VariableTriggers plugin. Yes I know I does do so much other stuf but it does exactly what you are wanting to and easy.

    Somewhere in your worlds type: /vt setloc loc a
    to create a location variable named $loc.a then type
    /vtwalk @TP $loc.a
    and left click a block with the wand(bone)
    DONE! Now when a player walks over that block they are teleported to $loc.a in the world that loc a is set to.

    You could add an effect or twp if you wanted
    /vtwalk @POOF 4 <triggerloc>
    /vtwalk @POOF 4 $loc.a

    This would make a poof of smoke at the walk trigger location and at the teleport location $loc.a its good to have visual effects.
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    I would use it, But it just looks so complicated :D

    I don't mean to sound noobish :)

    I just want something really simple, But thanks for the response! :D

    Found what i wanted.:)


    Thanks for the help!

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