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    I know this is integrated in some various chat plugins and such but I've been looking for a separate solution if there is any, I kinda failed to find one but there may be some I missed, if so, do tell.

    An ability for players to mute others without it being a global mute just individually muted for them?

    I don't really run any chat overlay other than CommandBook so it's practically only a way to mute incoming chat from whatever user they've muted both regular chat, /me and /tell.

    Example name:
    Individual Mute

    Example commands:
    /imute [player] - Mutes the [player] for the person who wrote the command
    /iunmute [player] - Unmutes the [player] for the person who wrote the command
    /imutelist - List all players who've been muted by the individual

    Example perms:
    No perms needed

    Either store the data in mysql or flatfile, whatever that works.
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    Ermmm on essentials the player can use /Ignore and will no longer see the messages the player
    ignored. Welcome.
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    Yes, I mentioned that I know there solutions with it baked in but I want a separate one, considering I said I use commandblook I don't want essentials :p
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    CmdBook comes with individual muting.
    Add me on Skype if you still want a separate plugin, skipperguy12 :l
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    It does? Isn't it purely global mutes?

    Edit: And finding out it's called "ignored" (yes, I am slow today) I did actually find few plugins now.. but not fully the way I was thinking.

    Edit2: Found this which is exactly what I looked for

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