Problem/Bug [Solved] Dates & Times are Currently Broken

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by ipodtouch0218, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. Whenever I'm viewing dates from thread replies, it seems to not say the month.
    When viewing recent dates, so it says the day of the week, it appears without the AM/PM:
    Any ideas why this may happen?

    I haven't seen anyone report this yet, maybe it's just my side? Not sure....
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  2. I'm guessing AM/PM is through 24hr notation. No clue about the month though.
  3. @Lolmewn it's not. I noticed something looked off today too.
  4. Yeah I noticed it later, too, but didn't want to double-post about it :p
  5. @Lolmewn oh yeah. Something is 100% wrong. Take a look at this screenshot and look at the post date of the last announcement. LOL

    Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 12.59.44 PM.png (Click for full. The retina screen on my mac makes screenshots huge.)
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

    They are looking into it
  7. Such looking
    Very into
    Many no fix :c
  8. *clears throat*
    Ahem, status update please? "They are looking into it" doesn't cut it anymore after eeeh.. well, I don't know how long since it doesn't display post dates correctly :')
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  9. @Lolmewn this is going to turn into the next javadoc site, isn't it?
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  10. It already has. What's the status on that again? :')
  11. @Lolmewn it was brought back up a year and a half / 2 years later.
  12. Nothing will be fixed. This site is going full entropy, time for r/SpilledBukkit.
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  13. @LordDarthBob, clearly. Just look at the amount of ads the site is loading... And I have curse premium, so the ads should be disabled. XD

    Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.08.01 PM.png
  14. @Tecno_Wizard
    In ye olden days, things were innocent. Skeltals went 'toot toot', usenet had users, and many http's were typed.
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    But then came Google AdSense...
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    (I wonder how much of our national bandwidth is leeched by popup videos and clickbait ads.)
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    I dont even know how Curse managed to break this, considering they never uploaded any update to the forums in the last year or so.
  16. I was thinking the same. Another admin account taken over perhaps? I honestly wouldn't be surprised.
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  17. @Lolmewn another account that I had never seen logged in around the time that this happened. I believe it was afterwords though.

    Regardless, they don't care to fix it. This forum is a lost cause that is going to die, despite the fact that it holds a TON of information.
  18. This is caused by missing phrases. Specifically, we have code like this which is going wrong:

    $post['month'] = new XenForo_Phrase('month_'.$post['month'].'_short'); // used for XenPorta, falls back to month_00_short
    case 'M'$output .= $phrases['month_' $month '_short']; continue; // used in XenForo itself, the phrase isn't in the array so we get nothing appended to the string which removes the month
    For whatever reason, the phrases seem to have been deleted on this site. For the AM/PM issue, it would appear to be the same cause:

    case 'a'$output .= $phrases[($hour >= 12 'time_pm_lower' 'time_am_lower')]; continue;
    'A'$output .= $phrases[($hour >= 12 'time_pm_upper' 'time_am_upper')]; continue;
    To fix, a Curse admin needs to recreate/reimport these phrases. To make this as easy as possible I've exported the relevant phrases from a working install:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <language title="English (US)" date_format="M j, Y" time_format="g:i A" decimal_point="." thousands_separator="," language_code="en-US" text_direction="LTR" addon_id="XenForo">
      <phrase title="month_10_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Oct]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_11_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Nov]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_12_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Dec]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_1_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Jan]]></phrase
      <phrase title="month_2_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Feb]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_3_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Mar]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_4_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Apr]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_5_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[May]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_6_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Jun]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_7_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Jul]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_8_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Aug]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="month_9_short" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[Sep]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="time_pm_lower" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[pm]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="time_pm_upper" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[PM]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="time_am_lower" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[am]]></phrase>
      <phrase title="time_am_upper" global_cache="1" version_id="0" version_string=""><![CDATA[AM]]></phrase>
    As far as I can see: all that needs to be done is export the existing language, merge in the above and then reimport.
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  19. @lol768 Everything's back to normal, folks! Only took a little more than a month!
  20. Many thanks to @Telshin for sorting this.
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