[Solved] CraftBukkit With Ptweaks Or Nolagg vs Spigot Help?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Mary E. Williams, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. Hello, I help run a small minecraft server using spigot and I want to help optimize more to the max so, I tried installing ptweaks and nolagg seperated. I heard these two plugins help improve performance and I have also heard the two plugins cause problems if they are together so I've tried them both seperate. Since spigot is already optimized like these two plugins. I like to know what would give me the best performance? Spigot? Or Bukkit with ptweaks or nolagg? I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
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    Personally I suggest using Spigot, especially if you're on 1.8 or higher, as your Craftbukkit would be being made by SpigotMC anyways.
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    If you are running a small server I would highly suggest LaggRemover. It works with chunks unlike most "lag removing" plugins out there that work with entities. LaggRemover is mainly targeted to reduce RAM usage, although, it does help with some CPU as well. Technology like that in LaggRemover is used by all major networks Hypixel's, Mineplex, etc. for their game servers.
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    Most large networks use Spigot, and, as @oceantheskatr said, if it's 1.8+ it will be made by Spigot either way.
  5. That works just like clearlagg right? If so, which one is better? Also, how do know servers use that? Popular servers use popular plugins. Your plugin is more recent and is based on clearlagg. I like your plugin already though. I like some of clear laggs remove entity features as well. If that cannot be done, is it compatible with clearlagg? Doesn't spigot manage the chunks already?

    So, spigot alone is better than bukkit with ptweaks or nolagg? You didn't quite answer my question. You didn't really explain why.

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    Spigot alone will be more efficient than Bukkit, however I can't say anything about PTweaks & NoLagg as I don't know about them. Regardless you should use Spigot and maybe toss Ptweaks & NoLagg on there? Even more efficient then ;) Plus I'm sure that Spigot will get better support right now, as Craftbukkit is currently made by Spigot's team.
  7. I can't toss ptweaks and nolagg with spigot because they all have the same features of optimization of spigot. Tossing those in will lower the performance because it interferes with the main spigot optimization. I was asking what if bukkit was using ptweaks or nolagg will it perform better. Well, thanks for trying to help out anyways.
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    Ahh I see. Why don't you give Spigot a shot then and see if you like it?
  9. By any chance, do you know anything about drew6017's laggremover plugin? He's not answering my question so, I'm asking you since you seem to help me alot.
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    @Mary E. Williams From what I see it expands more on ClearLagg's chunk unloading. I'd suggest maybe installing both and running Spigot :) Even though Spigot is great, it still have similar troubles to Craftbukkit such as keeping unneeded chunks loaded. I have a timer that runs /lagg unloadchunks every 20 minutes, however I may take a look at LaggRemover instead.
  11. Oh, I thought clear lagg only removes entities it removes chunks as well? I have also taken a look at lagg remover it does very similar things compared to clear lagg. I don't think clear lagg is needed because I can just set the despawn rate in spigot. What I really need is someone to look into laggremover.
  12. A sad, sad day indeed. You come to a thread on the Bukkit forums, and nobody wants to use Bukkit anymore :(

    Anyway, @Mary E. Williams, Bukkit is dead. I would recommend that you don't use Spigot, and instead look to other alternatives. Spigot is, at best, a shady piece of software and isn't a good thing to rely on.
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    I've found Spigot just as reliable as Craftbukkit, while being more efficient. What causes you to say this?
  14. @oceantheskatr Spigot has always traded reliability for speed. This is something that me and a few others have covered a few times, so I won't go into much detail here, but there are some problems shown here. Those are just examples. I also strongly disapprove of the attitude taken by some of those higher up people in Spigot, and believe that the way they run their project is detrimental to users, and they don't seem to care about that.

    Regardless, they are still ignoring the DMCA, and distributing restricted software that was meant to be free.
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    @AdamQpzm Ahh alright, I wasn't aware of this. If Craftbukkit was still available I'd switch back, and I also don't really know anything else besides Spigot & Craftbukkit.
  16. @oceantheskatr There are plenty of alternatives about, all in a differing state of readiness. Sponge is probably the best bet right now, since it seems to have a lot of attention due to the people involved, and I believe that they're up to dev builds at this point.
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    @AdamQpzm Awesome, I'll take a look at it.
  18. I highly recommend going with Spigot 1.8.7

    Even on small servers, it will mitigate lag significantly. I've been using it since the initial 1.8 release and have had nothing but good things to say about it.

    Also, since Spigot finally released the 1.8 version of CraftBukkit, plenty of plugins have been updated to support 1.8 (NoCheatPlus, Spigot Essentials, Worldedit, Worldguard, among MANY others).

    Some of the methods Spigot uses to reduce lag are grouping XP orbs and entities on the ground into stacks.

    I run a bigger semi-vanilla server, and we can easily hold 100+ people and stay above 19 tps. Back when we were just starting, and had a smaller map and playerbase, Spigot also kept things extremely smooth and lag free. Use them, you won't regret it!

    Just download and run the buildtools.jar on their website, you'll get the most up-to-date release of Craftbukkit and Spigot 1.8.7.

    Also, I don't use any lag mitigating plugins like nolagg...don't really need to with Spigot!

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  19. Now that you mentioned it, I have notice a big differnece between spigot and bukkit. Ever since I switched to spigot I noticed the server being alot more unstable. There seems to be a noticeable amount of bugs and glitches being seen in the server. Also, many players have been complaining about all the lag and glitches in the server. However, bukkit, seems to be more stable and less laggy server due to less bugs. You're right it's best to not use spigot. Thanks for the help! I never realized this until now, after remembering back.

    Well, since sponge hasn't fully developed yet I'm not sure if I should use it. Anyways have you tried sponge yourself? Can we have plugins?

    Well, after reading AdamQpzm's post I won't be using spigot.

    I've already covered that with oceantheskatr's post.

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    @Mary E. Williams With this post I'm not trying to convince you to use Spigot, as I've already read that you won't be using it based on a reasonable decision. I would however like to say that I had been using Craftbukkit for a few months after starting my first server, and it was absolutely fine. Problem is that Towny, McMMO, and Runecraft are all quite heavy plugins, especially when being used together (I also had another 30 or so plugins at the time). It caused my server to crash quite a bit or lag very hard at times with my TPS around 10 . After a few more weeks of this I heard about Spigot and switched to it immediately and noticed quite a difference. I now have 66 plugins on my server, including the three mentioned, and another 63 ranging from light and medium intensiveness on the server. It runs great still.

    Either way, Sponge seems to be the new thing, so I look forward to seeing it's future development and possibly use that instead.
  21. I don't run a server myself, so I couldn't really say. All I really recommend is that you try it for yourself and see. There are plugins for it, but it's a different API so the Bukkit plugins won't work on it. I do know that a number of developers have decided to recreate their Bukkit plugins in Sponge, however, so if given enough time and support I see no reason why Sponge couldn't have a large plugin base.
  22. Oh ok.

    I understand.

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