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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Propulsionz, Mar 21, 2013.

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    So I run a server and a problem that I have is whenever I have to demote a staff member, they will keep their socialspy that they had from being staff. I was wondering if there was either a way to see if a player has it, and remove it without having to give them permission to use it, or if there could be a list that tells of all the players that have /socialspy enabled, similar to an ops.txt
    The current way that I've been getting rid of a players socialspy is giving them my Trial Mod group then quickly sudo'ing them to /socialspy and then removing them from the TMod group, I don't know if there is a simpler way to do what I am trying to achieve, but it'd be great if someone could help me out with this.
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    It's in the player file in essentials. It should be something like socialspy: true.

    Essentials player files are stored at plugins/Essentials/userdata/nxtguy.yml
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    Do you mind explaing your idea in a format like

    /socialspy - wat u want the command to do

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    make a ticket at essentials issue tracker.
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    /socialspy (Player name) - Toggle the user's socialspy without needing to give them the essentials.socialspy permission node.
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    Propulsionz what is the function of socialspy , do u need to /list all the people who have /socialspy on?
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    Basically, yes, some sort of way for me to know if a player has SocialSpy enabled other than through the userdata ymls because of the fact that I have a couple thousand of those files and it makes to be very inefficient and slow. I'm just wishing for a quick and simple way to know if a player has SocialSpy enabled.
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    What do u mean by essentials.socialspy?
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    Socialspy is an Essentials feature that allows a player, who has it turned on, to view all private messages that are sent, including mail.

    What he wants is to allow himself to be able to switch on/off that feature for other players because, as of now, it is impossible to do with the current version of Essentials.

    This should really be taken care of on the Essentials ticket page as it's really an internal feature of their plugin.

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