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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BlockHeads36, Jul 18, 2016.

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    I do realize that Essentials has this feature, but I do not like using Essentials!

    Suggested name: SocialSpy

    What I want: I want a plugin that will notify me when someone uses certain commands and msg

    Ideas for commands and permissions:
    /spy on > Sends player a message that they turned SocialSpy on and will start seeing certain commands
    /spy off > Sends player a message that they turned SocialSpy off and will stop seeing certain commands
    /spy list > Shows all players that have spy on
    /spy add [commands] > Adds said command to socialspy list, and will be seen when it is use | Also in config
    /spy msg on > Sends player a message that they turned Spy msg o. and will stop seeing msgs
    /spy msg off > Sends player a message that they turned Spy msg off and will stop seeing msgs

    Config: Change the plugin messages, and add and remove commands to the spy list.

    When I want this: Whenever is possible for you!

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    Will begin now.
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    Would you mind repairing your plugin over here and doing the plugin you promised here??
    Sorry but whats wrong with you? People are relying on what you say in their requests!

    Edit: Noting all the beginner questions you post in the dev forum constantly, you should stop coding plugins for other people (which believe they get proper working stuff) at all. Learn the basics of java programming and come back when people can really trust your plugins.
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    Since it's been a week since @DarkenCake has said he would do it, i'll start making one.
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    @drunkripper Yea, I believe he says he is going to do the plugin but never actually does.
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    @BlockHeads36 i'm making it but can't promiss i'll be here for any problems that arise from it. there should be none as that's what i try to do with plugins i make for people but there's a family issue going on so. BTW nice serial killer.
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    @drunkripper Thats okay, I hope your issues get cleared up! Thanks, other than minecraft, town of salem is the best :)
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    @drunkripper When I do /ss toggle this happened here. The commands do work, when I try and add a command, I get no message saying it was added, so I am not sure if it worked. Also, if you could, for players with the socialspy.admin permission will be able to see who has social spy on, in tab it will have a tag next to their name
    Example: &9&lSPY
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    @BlockHeads36 Please a copy of your config. i can't seem to replicate the problem.
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    I need the config.yml in the %serverdir%/plugins/config.yml posted to hastebin if you wouldn't mind.
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