So, What's the Permissions situation.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Riddle, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I'm making a fresh start on my server and started downloading everything again.

    And i was shocked :O xD

    1. Permissions 3.1.6 is INACTIVE
    2. I saw 342342 plugins about setting permissions.

    I have a couple of questions:
    So, guys, What's the Permissions situation?
    Which plugin should i install?
    What's the fashion and the trend now - what are people installing?
    If I install a plugin other than Permissions 3.1.6 what the difference would be?


    Hmm one more question.

    Essentials or CommandBook? I heard that essentials is more messy and buggy but toomanyitems works fine.
    I have used CB 'till now but a friend of mine advises me to put essentials..

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    For the Permissions
    Bukkit has now an in-build system so you can use PermissionsBukkit to interact with it
    I still use Permissions 3.1.6 but I'm going to change to PermissionsBukkit

    For the Essentials
    I have problems with essentials but I think it's the best default plugin you can have
    More than 100 commands and everything you need to do whatever you want

    Hope I have helped you
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    Use Essentials.
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    Lunar Delta

    Don't use Essentials, ever. Don't listen to the people who recommend it, ever. It is bloated, quite buggy, and can reduce your overall server performance drastically. There are many smaller, more efficient, specialized plugins that can replicate all of its functionality better and with less of a memory and CPU footprint. Commandbook is all you should ever need for general commands. Everything else can be provided by other plugins. Lumping everything together in a single package is just bad form and is asking for trouble.

    As for permissions, there are three internal permissions managers. PermissionsBukkit, PEX, and bPermissions. Personally, I recommend PEX for its similarity to Permissions and overall ease of use.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Lunar, you are awesome. I'm following you.
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    Pex is NOT easy to use. Bperms is by far the most intuitive. Pex is just confusing, and doesn't seem to have multiword support or auto-add new players... Very frustrating experience. CB is the way to go, however...and essentials is a mess...
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    Lunar Delta

    PEX *does* have multi-world support, and it *will* auto-add new players. Every new player that joins my server is auto-added to the guest group because that group is set as the initial, default group. If you set the Builder group (or whatever your equivalent is) to default, they will be auto-added to that.

    And from the first page of the PEX opening post:

    Meaning that if you *do* specify a world, it will only apply to that world.

    Try to actually read the documentation before spreading misinformation like that around.
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    Lunar Delta

    Don't forget to mention the auto-conversion too. ;)
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    Thank God for you Lunar, thank god.

    Never, ever, EVER use Essentials. See essentials-> Burn it. Someones asking for it? Ban them.

    See it in the plugin list? Report it as malware to Google.
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    I did say, doesn't "seem" to support. I'm sure it had some confusing way to do all that, and thanks for the clarification, but my experience is just to say that pex isn't as easy as bpermissions...and it's documentation and layout is much more intuitive and accessible.

    To each his own, I'm just weighing in on what works for me. ;)
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    I kind of like your plugin, but PEX does have the '*' node, unless i'm going crazy. Since that's what I use in my config.
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    Lunar Delta

    I am virtually positive PEX supports the '*' node as well, since it seems to work normally every time I use it.
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    PEX supports the '*' node, multi-worlding and default groups for new users. It's extremely simple if you READ the instructions. I was intimidated updating finally from my beloved GM, and put it off quite a while before I was forced to make a decision. I honestly prefer PEX over bP.
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    They have the * node - but not for superperms plugins. Only plugins using the PEX api.

    Anything you dislike about bP? I can make it better if you have constructive criticism.
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    :O <- Me.
    So, any plugin that I will use which doesn't support SuperPerms will not give me permission to use it even if I have the '*' node?

    Sorry but I'm kinda new to the SuperPerms thing, i've been always using Permissions 3.x until I started working on my server again...
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    Our server using bpermissions and works fine. At the moment the codename_B's support for his plugin is quick, too.
    I can prefer bPermissons at the moment.
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    PEX. No questions asked, + would never look anywhere else. Best permissions plugin period, has everything you can ask for, plus more. Extremely friendly with previous 2.x/3.x permissions users, as its almost totally the same, except the fact its the old permissions on steroids.
    Just perfect, spend the time switching, you wont regret it.
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    I really really really like the PEX commands, other than that I wouldn't ever care about which perms plugin to choose...
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    What are the PEX command like? Reading the thread != practical experience.

    Heh yep bPermissions autoconverts from P3 ;D
    Yeah - if a plugin uses superperms to check for permission and you use PEX and only have the '*' node then you won't have permission. The * node for superperms only works with bPerms ;)

    Could claim it's stuck in the past for being too similar to P2/P3 ;)

    bPerms is more like
    /perms global addgroup groupname playername
    /perms world addnode node.node groupname worldname
    /perms global lsnode groupname
    /perms world lsgroup playername worldname
    So it's /perms [effect] [command] value target (?world)

    I would get confused otherwise :p but then again I don't have prefix stuff yet - but bPermissions is very very multiworld oriented - unless you're mirroring, each world has no idea about the other.

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    They have a wiki.

    It's just the structure. Everything is /pex user NAME option value1 value2 etc

    like /pex user Pencil prefix has cake


    I have only looked at some other permissions plugin and the commands were crap or weird, not sure about bperms ^^

    Yeah, I only use a single world so I doesn't matter as much for me :) Besides, what I also like about PEX is that you give each group a value. Guest 1k Member 900 VIP 500 Mod 200 etc. Now when a guy joins hes a Guest, you can do /promote nameofguy and he will be promoted to Member, do the command again to promote him to VIP etc

    I usually just add nodes and stuff via WinSCP so I prefer the simple commands :)

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    That why I love it so much for being so friendly to us old p2/3 users. Plus bukkit compatible/prefixes, suffixes = big win.
    Nothing against your plugin though, and big respect to you for creating one as well to assist the community with all the permissions problems :)
    +1 to all our wonderful permissions developers!
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    GroupManager, I stopped GroupManager+ and ElgarL Is taking over GroupManager
    So it will be fully updated to work with SuperPerms
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    I used Permissions 3.1.6 until like a few hours ago =/. I'm switching to PEX i just hit a snag with multi-world support not sure where to add and cant find anything in documentation about it.

    essentials always gave me problems i use Commandbook now as well =)
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    i dint seen any information about mysql and bPermissions, so this is the fact beacuse iam switching from Permissions 3.0 to PEX i need more flexible and fast permissions plugin with mysql, stop reading ymal file is so boried and it added more cpu usage than mysql.
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    PEX is hot. I'm sure bP is fine too :D

    I've never had any problems with Essentials (that I know of). CommandBook is probably great too!

    Try them all, use what you like :p
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    Can't we get a vote arround this topic? i'm wondering what is now most populair :D
    Please post either answer A or B, so we cann al quickly see what plugin is easiest/best to use for most people.
    Which one is the easiest/best working Permissions plugin these days?
    A: Bukkit Permissions
    B: PEX
    Another quick poll.
    Which to use, Essentials or CommandBook?
    C: Essentials
    D: CommandBook
    Looking forward to your replies guys!
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    So you handsomely avoid the big PEX vs bPerm discussion...?
    I am STILL in doubt, I need decent multiworld (survival and creative worlds, completely different group structure) but PEX has more logical commands and has Professions (Roles successor).

    gah, GM vs Perm2/3 was always easy, GM beat the crap out of Permissions anytime, but PEX vs bPerm is much more complicated.
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    Used permission a long time, after that, Groupmanager was out, oh hell yeah I loved it ;-)
    Since a few weeks I'm testing some new Plugins like bpermissions, Superperms, PEX etc.

    Now, Bukkit for 1.8 is out, I made a complete fresh Server and switched from GM to PEX.
    It has not the best "system" for Multiworlds and a stupid "all-in-one-config" but it works very well with all old (perm. 2 & 3) and new (bukkitperms) plugins. And I like the Modifyworld from PEX.

    bPerms is not 100% compatible with all old plugins and I don't like the configs, but's good for complicated multiworld permissions.! :D

    So, we need GroupManager with bukkitperms!

    I like the simple and tight Commandbook, but customized ;)
    Only for simple things like time, give, reply, mute etc.
    For weather, tp, spawn, warp, home, ban, motd, chat etc. I need and use more "powerful" plugins as CB or Essentials.
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