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Discussion in 'Bukkit Project Feedback' started by Musaddict, 21, 2012.

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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    This has nothing to do with the adfly discussion, please stay on topic. But, for the record, we are not changing our policy on adfly, look at the various discussions about it for our reasoning why. Once again, you seem to just ignore anything we say, so we're just wasting time continuing this discussion. Until you can provide us with the assurances we ask for, the ban on adfly stands.
  2. Where in that post you quoted do I mention adfly? That post is in reference to the tipping. I think you're the one that is ignoring everything I'm saying. It almost seems you need to declare me the bad guy to make yourself feel a little more dignified than the community is making you out to be.

    Edit: I find this ironic. I admit I feel like the staff is making me feel like an idiot, and the response is that I'm an idiot, when actually the post was improperly read.

    Edit 2: You and I both know the reassurances you are looking for are a cop out, so you might as well do me the favor of at least coherently rebuking my very real, very effective reassurances.
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Please don't play innocent, the 'Exactly. Recently I have felt like I have been treated like, well... an idiot by the staff (at least by the ones willing to talk to me) cause they were dodging all the blame.' is clearly in relation to the recent discussions we've had with you about adfly.

    Thank you for proving my point.
  4. Even if that was related to the adfly discussions, it is still in reference to the tipping as well (hence the "cause they were dodging all the blame"). I honestly only meant it for the tipping, but I guess it's true that my feelings do span from other topics. However, this does not give you enough to blame me of going off topic. Again, it seems like you're purposefully trying to make me a bad guy here...

    Also, I find it funny that you would assume I was talking about adfly when I said I thought the staff was mistreating me. Doesn't that essentially mean you're admitting to mistreating me?

    Thank you for proving MY point.
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  5. Mistreatment implies that there is a standard of treatment - That you have rights here. This is not a democracy, you have no rights. I don't mean that as an attack, it's merely the truth - That you are here because they allow you to be.

    A bit off topic, but why do you feel the need to start discussions like this? You're not an idiot, you should realise how well your protests are going to be received by the staff after the adfly poll. I know it sounds quite defeatist, but I've seen issues and concerns raised by some of the best users in this community, I've seen (relatively) large-scale protests against how certain things have been handled. In the overwhelming majority of cases, not single fucking thing changes. The fact of the matter is that very few of the staff here actually care about the community.
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  6. Thank you... again to the point I'm trying to make; they put on this charade talking about professionalism and good reputation, yet to the vocal group of the community they don't seem to give a [insert profanity here]. To them everything is set in stone, so if one portion speaks up first that's the only option.

    In regards to not having rights, while that is true, it doesn't really mean they can treat us as enemies for speaking against them.
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Only by your definition of the word. My staff refusing to respond to your message which was filled with attitude is not mistreating you.

    I'm curious what you're referring to. While we'd love to do everything we can to satisfy the community, often the most vocal people are not the majority. It usually takes a decision someone doesn't like for them to speak up than a decision someone does. That's, unfortunately, just how it is.

    I assure you, my staff and I care very much about this community and am sorry you feel otherwise.
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  8. And which message are you referring to? And which definition are you talking about?

    Edit: I'm assuming you're referring to the definition of "mistreatment". If so, then it is up for discussion. I honestly don't recall any message which was filled with attitude aside from the one you just removed and I apologized for.

    EvilSeph if you are referring to or its original PM to mbaxter, could you please point out where you believe the attitude lies? I honestly did not intend to come across as having an attitude. That was a full-hearted attempt to bring us all down to earth and maturely discuss the separate points in which why you are against adfly and why I feel my suggestions suffice for your requirements.

    If this is not the message you are referring to, could you please point me in the right direction?

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    TnT Retired Staff

    I care a great deal about this community.
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    I care a great deal about you.

    And this time I'm not being sarcastic.
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  11. Yeah, I'd like to formally apologize to the majority of the staff. I realize I put you down collectively for negligence, which is completely unfair. TnT, I'm sorry.

    EvilSeph I sincerely hope you are not ignoring my genuine questions. At this point I am only trying to amend any misconceptions we have of each other, and to achieve that we both need to understand one another. Could you please explain your last post directed towards me?
  12. I, too, care a great deal about this community.

    That having been said, it appears to me that this thread has gotten majorly off topic from its original posting about the enforcement of a rule, and has instead moved to a more personal conversation which I believe would be better served in a conversation.

    As such, I'm going to lock this thread to prevent it from going any further off the rails.

    It, however, additionally seems to have moved to a conversation about the staff and some concerns regarding it-real or perceived-which I find concerning. As such I'd like to remind anyone that if you have an issue with a moderator you may elect to take up that issue with that moderator, or with an administrator. Should you find yourself with an issue with an administrator you may bring it up to any other administrator. I myself am always open to a PM, and I'll always do my best to reply to any messages I receive.
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