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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by matejdro, Jan 7, 2011.

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    in hmod we simply added PropertiesFile class. But since bukkit does not support flatfile, how should we define settings?

    Also, in hmod, i loaded all the settings into memory to preserve disk usage since flatfiles are not so fast. Should that also be the case for SQLLite or is it enough fast to get settings in real time?

    So is this not implemented yet, or is an secret, how to add it?

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    I sure as heck hope it supports flat files, forcing everybody to use a SQL server is a big problem and adds unneeded complexity. In fact that alone is enough reason to fork bukkit.
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    Actually i don't really care, i just want class that saves and loads settings, so i can add it to the plugin.
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    SQLite does not require a server

    But on topic, right now I am using the PropertiesFile class from the BigBrother plugin, which I am sure is from the hmod code, until we get an interface in Bukkit.
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    No its just another layer between you and the data.. so its slower and creates lag either way :)
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    Read/writing from your disk thousands of times a second makes things slower. Read/writing from RAM thousands of times a second is significantly faster. As for a properties file, it's like there will API support for it as bukkit continues to be developed.
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    If it is slower why is it used then? It makes no sense for companies to use SQL type databases if there were better options out there. For Eve Online CCP uses a MSSQL database.

    SQL databases are not laggy and, depending on the specific server, will store what it can in memory, reducing disk access. If fact retrieving data from a large data set is much faster with indexes than using flat file.

    Your claims just don't hold up to logical scrutiny.
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    Dude, a MC server has no where NEAR the number of reads Tranquility (CCPs eve server) does. Just one fleet fight alone (I play eve, live in null) has a lot more reads and write then any MC server. And the server usualy cant deal with the traffic, as evidenced by the grey screens, modules not tunring of or on, special overview settings, etc.

    The issue here I dont see a lot of data stored. a few key-value pairs like in the file is not a lot of data, not enough that storing it in a db will make much of a difference, and as such you dont need a db for it.
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