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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TechGuard, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. I'm trying to make it snow infinitely without spout. I've looked for any snippets that change biomes, but none of them are updated. Is there anyone who knows how to make it snow infinitely?
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    The type of weather and biomes are calculated clientside, so a server cannot change whether the client sees precipitation as snow or as rain.
  3. So, there is also no way to send different biomes to the client? And If they are calculated with a seed, is it possible to have a seed that makes almost every biome a snow biome.
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    Well, you could dig into the minecraft source code, and calculate a seed with alot of snow biomes
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    There was an obsolete mod that did it in conjunction with a plugin for 1.7 but as biomes are seed based it requires internal changing.
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    Not possible without Spout, i told ya :p
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    Or just use the worldedit snow command in a huge radius.
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    make your christmas Plugin with a map in the download ZIP folder..

    Then you can change the weather for the world to only snow und make snow-binomes with MC-Edit
    and.. 85% of the servers have Spout - that's no problem
  9. The players also need to have spout :)
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  11. @KevTheCrafter: Wow, nice. Who told that biomes are client side...? :D
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