Solved Snowballs create Snow Blocks when thrown

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Scotty1207, Aug 10, 2012.

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    I was wondering if someone could help me as I am really puzzled by this. I don't know if this happened in a update but when I throw a snowball say on the block next to me it creates a layer of snow on the block. Then if I throw another one it adds another layer until it creates a snow block on top of the block I was throwing these on. I've attached a couple of pictures of it. Also if you get a slab of snow and then look at the block made by the snowballs it goes into a full block and then when you look away it goes back to a slab of snow in your hand. Also when you walk over the block made by the snowballs it collapses. I haven't installed any snow plugin the only world editing plugin is WorldEdit.

    javaw 2012-08-10 16-23-58.png javaw 2012-08-10 16-24-07.png javaw 2012-08-10 16-25-28.png javaw 2012-08-10 16-31-59.png

    Example of problems this can cause:

    javaw 2012-08-10 16-33-06.png

    Can someone please help with this!


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    What other plugins do you have?
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    I've found that it was CraftBook. Thanks for the help
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