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    Plugin category: Web Administration

    Suggested name: SMFDonate

    What I want: I know when you first look at this you will say there are plugins like BuyCraft to do this or Warrant (Inactive as far as I can see) but I was wondering if about a plugin which will link in with the SMF Forum Software and when someone buys a paid subscription it gives them the forum rank but also gives them a PermissionsBukkit rank. Along with this also on account registration on SMF a custom field which would hold the users Minecraft Name which could link up with the server so when a rank like Admin is given on the forum they are given a PermissionsBukkit rank in-game.

    Its a lot like Warrant 4 however that seems to have become inactive, doesn't support Permissions Bukkit and has been updated to 1.3.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin although maybe a command like /donate which would list the paid subscriptions.

    Ideas for permissions: smf.donate

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Any help on this would be much appreciated
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    Can anyone help me on this?
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    Does SMF have an API for such purchases?
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    Don't forget to reply/tag me cause otherwise I don't get a notification about your post :)

    I'm looking over the API now

    EDIT: If there is an API that adds something to a webpage or an XML file when a user purchases a premium rank then I would be willing to make this plugin
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    Great thanks and cheers for the advice with tagging
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    anyone still on this?

    i'm playing with landing page being a php running shell_exec scripts to do stuff on the game server, anyone tried the same?

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