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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Hetjoshi, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Plugin category: PVP
    Suggested name: JumpNsmash

    What I want: I am looking for a plugin where you can double jump with a rocket(Note:Normal rockets player crafted will be different then the rocket this plugin will give.) The rocket will be consumed in your inventory if you don't have the permissions and you right click the rocket even once and you land on the ground (keep in mind this you can use 1 rocket for 2 jumps or double jump) If you have the permission it will not consume the item. I also want it so that If you jump using the rocket even once you can press SHIFT to come smashing down( You come down really fast) and do half a heart of damage with no armor and it will hit any one if you are radius of 3 blocks(including your block) This will only work when you are jumping using the rocket not by falling or jumping with spacebar. I also want cool down for use of the rocket to be 1 minute.
    Ideas for commands: /giverocket {player name} {amount}

    Ideas for permissions: giverocket.permanent

    When I'd like it by: Few weeks.
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    What? Please reword, and try to use proper grammar.
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    If i managed to understand everything I think u want an ire that dissapiers after 2 uses or after. 1 when u hit the ground. And u want it to make u doublejump if used 2 times I. Pups make this

    Sty I wrote everything with a phone
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    Alright I want a plugin where if you can you double jump by right clicking a custom item(Rocket but Any other rocket will just do fireworks, while this special rocket which you can get by doing /giverocket {name of the player} {amount}), and when your in air by using the item If you press shift it you will come smashing down fast and damaging opponents close around you. Also the smashing only works once you do the first jump with the item or second jump. Also I want the item to be consumed after the double jump, even if they just right click once and it does 1 jump and they hit the ground/water/lava/anything like that It will consume the item but If you have a certain permission It will be forever permanent instead of it being consumed. By the way I want a cool down after each is consumed or double jump is done.
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    Not exactly what you want, but it can be cool.

    EDIT : Absolutely not what you want, just a double jump.

    This is what he wants

    Plugin category: PVP
    Suggested name : JumpNSmash

    What I want :

    I want that, when you right click on a custom firework rocket (given by the command), you can double jump. It remove the rocket.

    If you have a custom permission, it will not remove the rocket.

    When you are jumping, you can press SHIFT. It does that you fall really fast and it will damage players and blocks with a range of 3 blocks.

    When you use a rocket, you may have to wait the end of the cooldown(1 minute, configurable).

    Ideas for commands : /giverocket <player name> <amount>

    Ideas for permissions : giverocket.permanent

    I can wait: few weeks.

    What I think it will be better to add
    Ideas for commands : /giverocket <playername> <amount> <cooldown>
    If amount is equal to 0, it will give permanent rocket.
    If cooldown is equal to 0, the cooldown will be removed.
    Ideas for permissions :
    • giverocket.permanent
    • givepermanentrocket.permanent
    • givenocooldownrocket.permanent
    • userocket.permanent

    I hope that I helped :D.

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  8. Hetjoshi Apotheose
    Done (I hope)! Download | Source

    I'll just tell everyone what the plugin does, just in case I misunderstood his request. You can type a command to give yourself a rocket item (firework). When consumed, it will grant you one use of a "rocket jump", which is basically a double jump. If you sneak/crouch while in the air after you double jump, you charge towards the ground at high speed, and if enabled in config, it will damage nearby entities and blocks.

    Please note that for the double jump feature to work, I need to temporarily enable their access to flight, so this will cause some "glitchyness" if they spam the jump button. They might have access to flight for like 0.25 seconds, but that doesn't get them anywhere.

    Commands: <> required, [] optional.
    • /giverocket <player> [amount]
    • rocketjump.give
    • rocketjump.permanent
    Default configuration:
      # how much damage should be done to entities (set to 0 to disable)
      damage: 2
      # the radius of the "blast" (squared distance. 2 = 4 blocks in width and height)
      damage-radius: 2
      # should blocks be broken on "blast"
      break: false
      # the radius of the "blast" (again squared)
      radius: 2
      # what blocks should not be broken
      - AIR
      - OBSIDIAN
      - BEDROCK
      - PORTAL
    Have fun :)
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    Thx :D but the jump part is not what I am looking for I want it

    Thanks But I am not looking for it to Give me ability to double jump, I want it so that if I right click it It will make me jump higher then normal then if I right click again while in air it will let me jump again and If I touch the ground in the first jump the item will be consumed. Also 1 more thing can it not display that message when it is consumed. I dont think this does damage in radius when you come smashing down I tried it on a sheep.
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    Okay I want it like the Kangaroo Rocket Jump plugin but with cooldown where if you touch the ground in the first jump or 2nd jump it will consume item. Also don't want it to show message when its consumed and lastly I would like the smash feature to also hit mobs.
  12. Hetjoshi
    This is exactly why you should follow the format. Also I tested it and it does damage entities, at least for me. Did you enable it in the config?

    I may re-create the plugin to make it do what you want, later.
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    I tryed to explain, but I think that I don't understand too :). Can you explain : when the item is consummed and when we "jump higher" or double jump.
    And what it does when we fall with Shift ?

    I think I understand. When we jump with right-click, it doesn't consumme the item. If we right-click in the air, we gonna jump again (double jump).

    If we touch the ground after the 1rst jump, item will be consummed. Does it means that, if we double jump, it doesn't consumme the item (it's not really logic, but it's what you want) ?

    And you want to remove a message (which one, I don't know).

    To show me that I helped you, please answer and tell me if i'm right, or not.

    Thanks for reading this post ;).

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    So Its basically like the kangaroo rocket plugin where a rocket lets you double jump but it also consumes it after the 2nd jump and has cooldown of 1 minute use so you can't just spam it. And it does the smash damage with shift and it makes you come down really fast.
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