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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Meteo, Feb 17, 2012.

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    It's been requested a few times, but I do not think it's possible right now.
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    There should be plugins for every mod in my opinion :)
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    There should be, but there can't be.
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    Well the Smart Moving mod is already available as a Bukkit plugin. It requires Player API on the server which only modifies net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer. Maybe someone could merge Player API's base edits with Spout's dependencies (not sure how Spout works, it messes with the internals using reflection right?) so that Smart Moving and Spout could be compatible? Player API already has hooks for compatiblity with Forge, why not Spout?
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    Do you mean server mod? There is no plugin.
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    I remember seeing something about a server mod which works alongside the client mod for this just a few days back. Have a look on YouTube, that's where I found it.
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    There is - check in the Bukkit folder in the download at . The zip extracts to a SmartMoving.jar you have to place in your Bukkit "plugins" folder.

    I was surprised by this, too. SmartMoving is one of the only (non-Spout) plugins I could find that requires a client mod to function. The other is EnchantView.

    I use both. Maybe this method of client/server modding is the way of the future. What's cool is that it works with the official builds of CraftBukkit not only those from MCPC, and clients can connect without the mod and won't be kicked -- they merely won't be able to use the features of the plugin.
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