Small problem: Dyed blocks turn into Wool when I place them

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PepijnPro, Jan 14, 2011.

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    See the above. I run a bukkit server with minecraft mania, iconomy and warp. This suddenly happened.
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    All colors are one block, the custom colors haven't been implemented yet
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    So you are saying colored blocks don't work in SMP yet. That's weird cause it did work for me earlier. And btw, when I place them, for a half second they are the right color but then they suddenly change. Also, in my hand they have the right color.
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    Fixed now.
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    Hubbe King

    It's been fixed in the source code, but it seems a new compiled build isn't out yet.
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    @PepijnPro What they are saying is that each colored block dose not have it's own block id. Each color of the block is the same wool block of ID 35. Notchs team made the colors display with a different 'damage value' done to the wool so they could easily add tons of other colors later on; possibly allowing other blocks to be colored.
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    But how come it worked on my other map..?
    And it still doesnt work for this one but I guess that's because i have to get the new craftbukki(12?). And I can't find that one xd
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    I'm not sure if the new Craftbukkit has been complied yet; but when it has you can find it here:

    It dose not work here because you are not running 100% Notch 'vanillia' server. I'm assuming Craftbukkit had to update the blocks being creating with different damage values.

    EDIT: It seems it has been released on that link as of a minute ago.
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    Thanks for the link Hawox
    One question: How in god's name do I download it. I can't find the frikking buttonon the bamboo page.
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    the new craftbucket has be compiled, simply click on craftbukkit-22 (or whatever number its up to, 22 is the current one) Then go to artifact, and then the craftbukkit JAR file
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