Slow server load and then kick.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lattanzio, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I've been serving for a long time, around two years now, I'm not an amateur. That doesn't mean I might not have thought of a simple solution, but I don't want to hear things like "Are you sure the port is forwarded" or "Does the server have enough RAM". Thanks you for your time.


    I host a server for about ten people. I lived in the house it was in until a few days ago, now I live a short distance away (the server is still there with my friend, nothing about its setup has changed). When I lived there I connected locally and all was fine.
    Here when I connect, I have extremely slow loading and then I get kicked after a minute or so. Even after everything has loaded my ping is about 2 seconds and then I get kicked. I've tried this both on my computer and my laptop. And this has happened on a number of different Minecraft and Bukkit versions.

    The server reports this:

    17:50:05 [INFO] Lattanzio[/] logged in with entity id 420866
    at ([world] 1326.5, 74.62000000476837, 137.5)
    17:51:33 [INFO] Connection reset
    17:51:33 [INFO] Lattanzio lost connection: disconnect.overflow
    This has happened to some people on the server before (two people), for one of them the problem resolved itself after some time but not for the other. After a lot of googling I found someone who suggested deleting the player's .dat file in the world save "Players" folder. That solved the problem for the second person but it hasn't fixed it for me, all it did was increase load times.

    PLEASE if anyone has any suggestions or solutions I'd be very grateful . I'd really like to be able to play on my own server.

    Server specs:

    i3 Sandybridge (Can't remember the model, but it's perfectly adequate)
    8 GB of DDR3 ram, 7 GB for bukkit
    500 GB HDD
    Bukkit on a 120 GB SSD
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    Hm, we had that ages ago, early beta stage of Minecraft. Server tried sending too many blocks, Buffer overflow.

    Worth a shot: Start the server with view-distance 5 or something really low to see if it has to do with the number of blocks sent to the client on log in.
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    You sir, are a clever one. I didn't think it would be that because:

    1. It was on 10, which is default
    2. No one else has a problem
    Now the question has changed though.

    How can I fix this. I don't think anyone wants to only be able to see half the distance just so that I can play.
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