Slimes = Chickens?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Joey Clover, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Joey Clover

    if (slimeValue.equalsIgnoreCase("true")){
    That is my code. May I ask why the SLIMES spawn as CHICKENS? ;/
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    First, what's slimeValue? Where exactly is this statement?
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    Joey Clover

    I made it myself. I read a file that I have created called EggSpawner.config. I check to see the 'SLIME' property. If it is true, I add a slime to my verified list. Then when a player throws an egg, changes the hatchType to a random, verifiedList monster.

    slimeValue = props.getProperty("SLIME");

    please help me :p

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    Myers Carpenter

    Put up a complete copy of your code. It's hard to know what could be wrong from the little you put here.
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