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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PatrioticPleb, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Version: 1.15.2

    Plugin Name: SlimeTime

    Idea: the ability for someone to receive slimeballs that they can throw like snowballs. If a person gets hit with them, they get slowness for like .1 seconds (configurable). The rate at which these slimeballs can be thrown is also configurable. Also, a player can also receive a "Slime Bow". If they shoot this bow at the ground is launchers the play up in the air (height and cooldown is configurable). If the player shoots it at a wall, it launches anything nearby to away from the wall. it would be cool if the arrow is tinted green too more design.

    Commands: /give [player] SlimeBow, /give [player] Slime

    Perms: give.slime, give.slimebow, idk

    Best by: ASAP

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    Here is your plugin

    Permissions for commands: slimetime.commands

    /slimetime slime [player] [amount]
    /slimetime bow [player]
    /slime time help
    /slime time reload

    When you left click with the special slime (from the command) you will throw it and if it hits a player it slows them (slowness potion effect configurable).You can configure the cooldown until the player can throw a slime again.You can choose wheter they have infinity on their slimes or not(in the config).

    Using the special bow (you need arrows, any king of arrows) if you shoot the ground it everyone around the arrow will be launched into the air(radius around the arrow and launch force are configurable), if you shoot the wall everyone within the radius will be pushed (push force in the config).You can choose if the players who shot the arrow will be pushed/launched also (in the config). Cooldown beetween shots in the config.

    Permission to skip the cooldown for the slime and the bow: slimetime.skipcooldown
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    And why would go to DM wheb you have a perfectly fine thread to talk on?
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    @timtower He just wanted some modifications. I too belive that it might've been better to keep the discusion here just because maybe might be interested in something similar. I will post the final product here and explain the modification in case someone else wants it.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @gochi9 @PatrioticPleb Just keep everything in the thread.
    Even the modifications can be discussed here without any issues.
    Thread is made to talk on.
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    The new plugin

    -removed the bow(now when you right click the slime it will do what the bow did)
    -removed the command to give the player a SlimeBow
    -added in the configuration new messages, a new cooldown when you right click the slime(now the slime has two cooldowns - one for the left click and one for the right click),new boolean if you want to have infinity on your slime when you right click(separated from the boolean when you left click), a new double for the damage so that the player takes damage if you hit him with a slime that has been launched with the left click and lastly i added 3 sounds - 1 for when you hit a player with the left click (only the target can hear the sound) , 1 sound for when you push players (only the pushed targets will hear the sound), 1 sound for when you launch players (only the launched targets will hear the sound).
    -Fixed a bug in which the players where pulled instead of beeing pushed, now they are pushed in the opposite direction of the character.

    Since some messages from the config were added/removed/changed you have to delete the old config and let the plugin generate a new one. I recommed that you read the notes in the config especially the one for the sounds.
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    do the slime only do damage to players and not mobs? because it is doing no damage to mobs no matter the settings. Also it would be awesome if there is a text that says "Ready" when the cooldown is complete (message configurable). Also does the right click only repell players and not mobs as well?
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    You never mention in the plugin description that you want mobs as well.You only talked about the players
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    ok that's ok, the plugin is amazing. thanks for everything :)
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    Here is the plugin

    Now mobs can take damage, be launched,pushed
    There is and will not be a message that says "Ready"
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    im having a similar error like last time where the mobs are being pulled rather than pushed. Im sorry if I keep nagging but after this the plugin would be absolutely perfect and very well done!
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    Ok so plugin

    That's it. It's done

    So, is it good enough now?

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    Ok thanks! It’s great, idk how to mark it as filled tho
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    @PatrioticPleb Go to the top of the page, then you should see "Thread Tools" at the top right of the thread, click that and change the title prefix to "Filled".

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