Slime as glue for blocks

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by manura133, Jun 30, 2011.

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    The idea behind this to build a big strcuture (or a small, but more than one block) and glue the blocks together with slime. Next step would be to use a piston to move the whole structure.
    Maybe there are even more possibilities for such a glue.

    What do you think? Possible for Bukkit or a waste of time?
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    You'd have to limit it. I could see people moving massive structures, causing... large amounts of block updates in a short amount of time. Nice way to cripple a server.

    I like the idea on a small scale though!
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    Awesome idea I was thinking about the same idea when I was testing pistons.
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    like draeth said it would completely kill your server
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    Hmmm...does MoveCraft also kill all servers? Or does it work in another way?
    I think, it depends on how big your server ist. I just host a small one for some friends and me.

    And maybe there is a misunderstanding. I don't want to move mountains. It's more like you build something on the ground and want to have it higher in the air, e.g. an airplane.

    And this glue is maybe useful for other things. Like glue sand or gravel to prevent them from falling down. Or catch some animals/mobs which stuck in a field of glue.
    Some fun for SMP: When you use some kind of a cannon and shoot yourself and your friends against a wall with glue and all people stuck on the wall.
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    Since i'm the only dev who looked in here, this is great! But it would be typing a command then right clicking all the blocks you want together and then typing a finish command, you probably wouldn't even know they were stuck together...
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    Thanks for looking into it!
    I assumed that it is not that easy. Commands are always a bad solution IMO. I see it doesn't work without it, but commands feel kinda cheating and are uncomfortable.
    Unfortunatelly the only way seems to be a client mod and that are too much costs for the added value.
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    Then just limit to the amount of blocks that a piston can push, further than that and the piston will just "unglue" from the first block, as it cannot pull that much (since it can't push it either).
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    I would love to see this. I was just fooling around with pistons but the fact that you can only move one block at a time limits the whole thing so much. I have some nice ideas I want to realize which would only be possible with glueing blocks together.
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