Slender Minigame

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  1. Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Ender Slender

    Stuff that needs to be added:
    -Scary random cave sounds.
    -Notes as signs.
    -A Slenderman (Enderman)
    -Support for multiple arenas in one world.
    -Scary music( Like noteblocks sounds that plays faster after the notes get taken.)
    -Slenderman passes (Passes that allows players to become the Slenderman)
    -The players get blindness.
    - A compass that points to the signs.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible

    Something like this:
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    This looks like an amazing idea, i love it, except i cant code so , were both stuck, but its a extremely good idea =D HerobrineLivesHere
  3. Thanks! :D
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    This was my idea for 2 years it comes released on a server get scammed... next then I started to code and forgot all about this..
  5. Can you please re-type that a bit better? I don't quite understand.
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    When I didn't know coding and stuff I saw a bukkit dev I asked him to make me this plugin about 2 years ago and I think he gaved it to the people who run the slender minigame server :I I hate when people take ideas after a year ago I started coding and I forgot about this plugin. But it be great to atleast have it public because of that "douche bag" who scammed me.
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    Nice Idea!
  8. Thanks for retyping it and that is a shame to hear. Poor you. :/
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    But the good thing is I learned to code due to that.

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