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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by matija131, Oct 5, 2019.

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  1. Hello there, I have a request for a plugin similar to this one:

    It would be awesome if someone could make this plugin but for minecraft version 1.8 (spigot-1.8) but insted of spawning an npc maybe you could spawn an armor stand laying on the ground with the armor player was wearing before logging off.

    Full explanation: A plugin which will spawn an armor stand on the ground when player logs off with all the loot he had in his inventory and accessible by other players, once the player has logged back on he will recieve the inventory of that armor stand (if someone stole anything from him it will be missing from his inventory) or if someone has killed his armor stand he will be dead when he logs back on!

    Thanks in advance! :D
    If you got any questions please let me know! :)
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    I can try to do this once I finish with some other plugins, but I have a question. What do you mean by armor stand inventory? Like when you right click the armor stand it will show his inventory?
  3. Sorry for a late reply :p, and yes, when a player logs out of the server the armor stand (which you can right click) that spawns will recieve his inventory so if someone takes something from the armor stands inventory player will be missing that item someone took¸. I hope you understood me :)
    If you still have no idea what im talking about, a game called rust could be an example! When a player logs out of the server he will be sleeping on the floor and everyone can steal the loot from his inventory
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    I'll do this. I have pretty much your whole concept done but I did not read 1.8 so I made it 1.14 by accident. But I'll go over and make it 1.8 compatible. I'll say give me a day or two and it should be done.

    Edit: Finished the plugin. Here is the link
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  5. Thanks alot! Ill check it out these days and let you know if everything is working as intended!
    Have been really busy these days thus the late reply :)
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