Sleeper + CorpseReborn Visuals Plugin.

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    Hey! I'm new to this forum and to the community. I copied this template from the fixed thread because I think you guys are used to this one. I'd like to know if my idea is cool and if someone is interested in making this. I think it's very amazing for roleplaying servers like mine. I host a very big community that'd love to see something like this.

    Minecraft version: Latest! (1.16.5)

    Suggested name: Sleepers Reborn (I'm pretty sure this is what people google I searched that myself).

    What I want:

    I'd like a command that does what this amazing one does:

    But instead of showing an armor stand with steve head in offline servers it'd show a sleeping player body like seen in CorpseReborn plugin, linked below.

    That would surely make it 10x more immersive and fun.

    Here are some images showing the differences!

    How it looks like:
    Quick note: In offline servers the head is exchanged by a steve head.


    How I think it should look like:
    Quick note again uwu: In offline servers the skin stays in the body, idk how but it's amazing!

    Ideas for commands: I don't think a command is needed for this one.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you are able to do it! No Rush :)
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