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    SkyBlock Warriors? What?
    SkyBlock Warriors is a fairly new PvP gamemode where 4 or 8 teams start on mirrored SkyBlock islands, and have to collect resources & kill the players on other islands.

    Suggested Commands
    • /sw - list all the commands
    • /sw join [arena] - join a SB Warriors arena
    • /sw leave - leave a game
    • /sw list [arena] - list all the players and their teams
    • /sw team [team] - switch teams before a game begins
    • /sw start [arena] - admin override to begin a match
    • /sw stop [arena] - admin override to
    • /sw rebuild [arena] - if server crashed mid-match, admin override to restore the map
    • /sw board [on/off] - player can turn off the side scoreboard if they want
    • /sw vote - if player count in lobby is less than 8, players could run this to vote for a match to begin anyway - then the plugin would only split players into 3 or 2 teams instead of the normal four
    • /sw arenas - list all available arenas, and their state (empty, waiting or playing)
    • /sw settp [color/lobby] - set teleport/warp points for each team and the lobby
    • /sw tp [color/lobby] - ability to teleport to each point to test
    • /sw reload - config reload command
    Each command would need its own permission too, of course.

    Suggested Functionality/Features
    • multiple arenas, in the same world - but doesn't have to be in the first version
    • schematic based undo - the arena isn't big enough for a full world restore
    • team colours - red, blue, green & yellow for 4 teams
    • side scoreboard - could just list other teams still alive, or a list of players in other teams, with colours
    • possibly a timer (would't have to be in early version)
    • lobby where players wait for more players to join
    • join/status sign wall - wouldn't have to be in early versions
    • use the config to: set a certain world to be the 'arena' world, set the maximum amount of arenas, choose how many teams are allowed per arena, include the name of the schematic used for arenas, whether to broadcast an arena win globally, whether the side scoreboard is enabled, and whether players can chose their teams or if it's random
    • schematic loader would need to be based on the schematics provided in the links below
    • messages file to customize messages (join, leave, win, message prefix) - for messages with dynamic strings use {stringName} as the format
    The two maps available for this are for 4 teams or 8 teams(2 people per team).


    Note: this map/gamemode was not my idea, I just believe it's interesting enough to get some attention and have a plugin developed for it - I do not take any credit for the idea itself, only the suggested commands/features of the plugin.
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  2. Seems very interesting. I will attempt it, not promising anything right now though.

    Making items in chest configurable but i need some defaults and amounts for side chest and middle chest.

    How much of each item do you want in the start chest/side chest/middle chest?

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  3. I myself have not looked at what the items are/how many items there are, so I'd say download both maps and use them in Creative to check? I'd do it myself, but I have Uni until later today. If you don't get a chance within the next 4 hours I will check myself. Also, thanks for being willing to do this. :)
    Edit: Details below

    4 TEAMS

    On island (one per island)

    Center of map (one per map)

    Outer chests (one per island)

    8 TEAMS

    On island (one per island)

    Center of map (one per map)

    Outer chests (one per island)
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    I had this plugin in mind for a reaaaallly long time but were to lazy to do it. If you do this Burnett1 I will love you for ever. Also, it would be kinda cool to join via a portal (End/Nether) Also it would be awesome with a lot of fireworks, that makes it look pro.
  5. Ye i'm still working on it. It might be a while before its fully operational but i will try my fastest.
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    Thats Great! Is there anyway i can help you? Also add me on Skype: miner.hugo
    You can be the Dev rank if you wan't on my server, this plugin if going the rule!
  7. Unless you know how to code then there is not much you could do. Unless your artistic and could create a logo for it.
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    Well, i can't do anything of that :p Hope it gets released soon :)
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    Ill attempt to make a logo if u want, ill post it when im done! Can't wait for the plugin to be done
  10. This seems rather interesting, anything I could help with? I get out of school today, so I have tons of free time. I can program fairly well.
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    I love the idea. I have seen someone do something like this before. They created an add-on to the BattleArena plugin.
  12. +1 for this idea

    I could help you with this if needed, or pickup the development if you abandon it.
    PM if you're interested.
  13. Ill probably set up a git hub repo so people can contribute.
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  14. So, just out of curiosity, Burnett1, made any progress? Thanks again for choosing to work on this. :)
  15. Ye im just getting the team manager sorted then i am going to start testing.
  16. Awesome, good to hear. I look forward to helping test. :)
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    Here is the logo I made enjoy :D
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  18. Thanks
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    wow what a thread! I can make some bug fixing contribs if anyone has any issues with it, as well as keep it updated if you stop updating it :p.
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  20. Added to the main post, well done! ;D

    Every little bit helps! :)
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    Is it up for download yet
  22. I'm not the one doing any of the development unfortunately. Just subscribe to this thread and you'll find out when it's ready. :)
  23. When will this be ready?
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    +1 for: Sounds very cool
    +1 for: Original Idea
    -1 for: Very hard to code
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    Thx :D
  26. Update: i am now in Alpha testing and still have to do some features.
    ETA: 1 1/2 weeks
    I am quite busy at the moment and will try my hardest to get it out soon.
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    Quited Exited to see this plugin
  28. Need some help? I could pitch in if there's a GitHub for it.
  29. Ill make a git hub tonight. Just have to say one thing, I've only been doing java for 4-5 months so it might look kinda scrappy coding.
  30. Hey, I've only been doing it for 5 months too. Welcome to the club. ;)

    Private message me when you set up the repo and add me on Skype (John.Proehl).

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