Skyblock Warriors Plugin request - 4 Skyblocks, 4 teams, 1 winner.

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    Plugin category: FUN // PVP

    Hello there! My name is SwipeShot.
    So I created this minigame:
    Skyblock Warriors

    It went on the front page of reddit Minecraft:

    Some decently popular YouTubers made videos of it: Example:

    I also created the Survival Games space, think you may have played on that.

    If the plugin is made, it will be on:

    - My personal server (IP:
    - The Dubcraft Server (IP: = One of the biggest servers ever (1000 players every night, see for yourself)
    - The MineFR Server (IP: = (Average of 300 + players)

    Might even be on more large servers!

    If you are wondering how it is played, you may simply watch my video, so you have a good idea of what the minigame is all about.

    Ideas for commands:

    Several options:
    4 players (4 skyblock edition)
    8 player (for a 8 skyblock edition of the game)

    /skywar join x = join arena x
    /skywar leave = leave arena your in
    /vote = vote for the game to start
    /skywar createarena y x = create arena for y players number x with world edit selection
    /skywar setspawn team x spawn y = setspawn for team x number y for where you are
    /skywar setlobbyspawn = set spawn for lobby, when you die or finish a game you go there
    /skywar setlobbywall = set lobby wall for skywar (like sg)
    /skywar deletearena x = delete arena number x

    Don't forget a sign that autojoins a game.

    If someone falls, it's whoever hit him last that gets the kill: with bows, or fishing rod or anything.

    Disable all commands of other plugins when in game.
    Don't plan on a spectate system. ?Spectate?

    for people in the arena only:
    X has killed Y with a Z
    If he falls:
    X has pushed Y into the void of doom!

    If he wins, everyone on the server is notified:
    X has won the Skyblock Warriors in arena Y!
    ?ranking system?
    ?Possibility to modify messages?

    Please make sure that there is a 8 Skyblock - Skyblock Warriors possibility: Turns out to be more fun than the 4 player version!
    Idea is similar to the The Survival Games plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: As soon as humanly possible!!

    Good luck! I hope the best for the future of this plugin. Creators will be rightfully credited!
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    I am able to create this plugin, PM'ing you now.
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    Can you make me one too

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