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    I've checked out all of the profession and class based plugins, and I'm not happy with any of them.

    I was wondering if someone could make a simple plugin that had op/admin created skills, professions and classes most likely stored in a config file of some type. This would allow each server to create everything custom to their liking.

    It would keep track of each profession expiences and each class experiences separately. Multi-professions and multi-class characters should be allowed.

    The experience needed to advance a skill, profession, class, should be fully customizable in the config.

    Spells is probably one of the hardest things to have customizable, and I would be willing to help whoever takes on this challenge with creating a huge library of spells so that people could just insert the spells into the config and associate it with the class of their choice.

    Things this program shouldn't do is deal with anything that isn't connected with skills, professions, and classes. There are plugins that handle the money, the parties, the chatting, and whatever else is connected to RPGs. This just needs to be a simple fully customizable self contained system.

    I'm more of an idea person, and would be more than willing to help expand my ideas expressed here via email/pms to help accomplish the ultimate SPC plugin.
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    We're releasing our Heroes (RPG) plugin soon - there will be some user/server customizable preferences with it.
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    thanks a lot kainzo, I am searching for the same, and thanks for asking kimberly.
    I agree: a lot of plugins allow part of what you want.
    unfortunatly there is currently only "spells" which has some skills and permission classes, but thats all.

    On our roleplaying server we have 6 races which should have their special characteristics,

    This is only partly possible, as said on another topic ([REQ] Demon)
    I would also like to have something like being able to give each class/profession these characteristics.
    I am willing to help to give a huge list of properties what can differ races/classes/spells.

    Currently, someone who joins our server is in 3 groups, (we play a lot around with inheritance)
    Race - which is able to do different things depending on the race of the player.
    Profession - most important part, if a player is priest he should be able to use more skills than a miner.
    Class - (apprentice/assistant/master) is allowed to use variety of tools, an apprentice can use stone tools, assistant iron tools, and so on, excepting hunter, where the master is only allowed to use iron swords, and bows.
    only the warrior can use diamond equipment.

    well, inheritance is a nice thing but there need to be a better way, im looking forward to the plugin,
    thanks a lot in advance

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