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    Plugin Description:

    Skeletons attempt from (worldedit wall selection) to kill players and skeletons can be players dead or skeletons, arrows explode on contact and cant hurt certain blocks while other blocks are logged and restored at end of game. Kits will be added including ways to kill the skeletons/players.
    Skeletons get hit by same EXACT amount of knockback to rotate the skellys.


    Command Details

    /skelly join //joins game
    /skelly list (if multiple arenas)
    /skelly leave //leaves game
    /skelly kits (if u dont get kit from zombie in time)
    /skelly set "Arena name" //gets red wool in a square and makes it skelly spawn points

    /skelly setspawn "arena Name" // sets player spawns in arena
    /skelly (disable/enable) "arena Name "// disable or enable arena

    Permission Details

    Skelly.players //all player commands
    Skelly.staff //all staff commands
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