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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, May 16, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Mechnical

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: SimpleFoundOres

    What I want: I would like to a simple plugin that would broadcast telling everyone on the server how many pieces of ore a player had found and a private message send to the miner as well.

    # List of ores which would be broadcasted
    - coal
    - iron
    - gold
    - lapis
    - redstone
    - quartz
    - diamond
    - emerald

    # Colors to use to color the ores in the private/broadcast message
    coal: &0
    iron: &7
    gold: &e
    lapis: &1
    redstone: &4
    quartz: &f
    diamond: &b
    emerald: &a

    foundmessage: "&eYou found {qty} {ores}."
    broadcastmessage: "&e<player> found {qty} {ores}."

    ***Player will always receive foundmessage.
    ***Accurate count of ores in a given ore vein.
    ***It should remember who already discovered the vein.
    ***Creative placed ores should be treated normal.

    Commands: none

    sfo.broadcast :- Allow the player to trigger the broadcast when an ore is found.
    sfo.receive - Allow the player to receive a broadcast.

    If a player don't have either permission. It would not trigger broadcast or receive broadcast message but the player will always receive foundmessage.

    Thank you for reading.
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    @madtomic If no one does this within a few days i'll probably attempt this. (I'll be away from my computer for a few days)
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    Works great! I will let you know if I run into any issue. So far so good!
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