Simple XP multiplier plugin.

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    Hi !

    It would be an xpmultiplier based on permissions.

    Like : xpmultiplier.0, give the "normal xp", xpmultiplier.50 give 50% more (so 10 xp would be 15 xp), etc etc....

    If you can't code for each percent, just do 25%, 50%, 100%, 150%, 200%, and 300% :)

    Thanks !
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    I don't know how to deal with permissions, but for someone who does: multiplying the XP income is easy. PlayerExpChangeEvent fires whenever someone gets XP and has getAmount() and setAmount(). Easy to just do e.setAmount(e.getAmount()*factor).
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    THanks, hope it will help :)

    Also just seen a plugin

    But it seems to have a bug since the xp is multiplied each time they kill each other :/ so two player = infinite xp :/

    UP ^^
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    I'll make it now. Should be done either in half an hour or in a few hours.
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    Oh thanks :)
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    Done! - Will post on DBO soon.

    Installation: Drag 'n Drop!
    Usage: Give players permission node xpmodifier.[modifier] - it will use the highest that the player has.

    By default, players have a 100% modifier (which is full xp). Unlike your post, to give a player a 50% increase, you would give them xpmodifier.150 because it's the usual 100% of xp + 50%.

    Doing it that way allows people to even half or quarter the amount of xp they get for things like hardmode - halving would be 50% and quartering would be 25.
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    Really like that ! Thanks !

    It seems that a zombie killed give 80xp insted of 5 without perms or éven with perms xpmodifier.100 its the same

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